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Hey all!

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog. However no matter how much things change one thing never changes for me, that is my obsession with beauty!

Since I’ve last wrote a blog, my crazy beauty obsessive ass ventured to Hong Kong to search for my ageless beauty miracle!  No matter how much good I take care of my skin, I feel like age is catching up to me.  I’ve done a lot of research and find that Hong Kong has over thousands of clinics dedicated to skin. As you know a simple facial in the USA can cost hundreds of dollars and they might not even know how to deal with Asia skin. Since I’m on budget and is afraid to try cheap things I’ve found a place that is perfect for my wallet and skin.

So Pretty!!! So Crazy!!!

查詢電話 : 35677078
What's app: 6238 0990

Pretty Crazy Beauty (no I did not help think of the name😂) one of the owners David who is one of the few  new Hong Kong friends I’ve met since I’ve been here. He is a gem! We kicked it off right from the beginning because we both notice our skin is way to well keep for our age 😂🤫🤫

Ever since I’ve been to Hong Kong I’ve been scared to speak in Chinese since you all know my Chinese isn’t that great! However Pretty crazy beauty  is staffed with fluent English speakers for people like me who’s Chinese is only half full 😂.

I don’t know if this is a problem for everyone, but since my skin is use to the cold northwest weather, my skin has been screaming for pampering ever since I’ve landed. So after settling down I’ve called Pretty Crazy Beauty to set up for an emergency appointment. However since I have synced with Hong Kong’s fast paste life style I was 45 minutes late for my appointment 😣. I do not recommend being late because Pretty Crazy is fully booked almost all the time . I felt absolutely horrible! Knowing how  precious time is for people in Hong Kong, I was ready for a big guilt trip! 😓😓

To my surprised no one blamed for me for being late, I was treated like a VIP, something I did not expect. (Especially when this place is giving out such a great deal for my treatment!)

I was greeted by Ernest who has been in the facial industry since he was 11! His sister who use to owned a salon herself send him to learn how to work all the new technologies and courses all over Asia. 

Honesty ,  sells people in Hong Kong are no joke! I was afraid Ernest will try to sell me things I don’t need! However I did not get that from him at all! To my surprise he is into astrology! He told me my aura was not someone who needs to be sold. I was very interested in his powers and through out the facial we talked non stop and it was very entertaining! I felt like I came to see psychic😂.  And for those of you know how superstitious I can be, he was the perfect tech to keep me entertained! 

After a nice refreshing cleansing! I got a micro needle treatment that’s call HiFu. I’ve read and heard about micro needle treatment way back in the day and even bought little tools to try on my own. However I was always too scared to scar myself I never really used it. 

HiFu is done by a qualified tech who punctures the top layers of your skin to send signals to your brain to produce more collagen. As regular adults we shed our skin about every 30 days! 
 That’s is so long compare to being a kid who sheds skin every 5 days!  So in order to get baby soft skin, we kinda tricked our brain🤫

He marked areas of my face where it’s unsafe to be touched. He said most his clients he doesn’t need to do this, but since he is new to my face, it’s best to be safe.  Micro needle treatment helps tighten skin, fades winkles and tones acne scar and blemishes. Effect is almost immediately (instant satisfaction 😍) however best result is after one month for most adults after our skin sheds. 

I’m editing a video for YouTube so you guys can see how it works and before and after. 

Right now they are having a promotion 


HIFU試做一次價 $880 (first timer treatment) 
包眼面頸,三個機頭,最少2500線 (include face neck and eyes! At least 2500 needle impressions)

$18000 / 10次 ( or you can buy bulk deal) 

 And if you tell them  you were referred by me, you get my friend discount 😋😋😋 

They will also give you a tarot card reading 🥰

I also got a Bulgarian rose mask rubber mast after! It was so relaxing! After being punctured by so many needles my face was not bruise or swollen after! I even went shopping at time square with no makeup on 😅😅😅😅 

I’ll post video soon! Thanks for joining me in my new life adventure. I’ll also tell you what happen to pretty and cute! 

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