Holika Holika One solution Serum: Soothing

My eczema tends to flare up during cold weather and allergy season. My face would have painful sores on my cheeks and eventually around my eyes. Once it gets to my eyes, the itchiness is too overwhelming for me not to scratch and eventually spreads all over my body.

There are a couple of Eczema products i can't live without once it gets this bad. I have spend my whole life trying to control my Eczema and not let it get to that point. The first and probably the most important way to keep your Eczema at bay is not t touch your face. By not touching our face, we keep the possibily of spreading the rash by almost 80%. Second method I found that works is calming the beging stages of the flare and not letting it get bad. There are signs when my eczema starts to get bad. The skin around my eyes would tighten and since i am so pale, I notice redness almsot immediately.

Holika Holika One solution: Soothing is one of my little eczema cure that I use to calm my skin down before It starts to hurt. My skin is extrememly sensitive. If it doesn't like a certain product, you can see it getting red almost as soon as it is applied to my skin. As you can see in the picture to the left that my hands are not only hydrated by the serum, there is no redness in sight! It took me a good 20 minutes to get a good picture and my hands still looks super moiste and hydrating in the picutre even after 20 minutes has past. When my skin is okay, I like to mix it with a cream. Since my face is more oily than dry, i try to stay around from heavy cream. However by adding the One solution to the cream, it made it less heavy and more easier to absorb into my skin. The one solution also calms the skin, incase the there is fragrance in the cream that might irritate sensitive skin. You have no idea how many doors this little bottle of serum has opened for me. By soothing out my skin that means i can test out more products without fear it will break me out as much as before.

Its tough living with Eczema, however those are the cards we were delt with and the only thing we can do is try to not let it cause more inconvience to our skin as much as possible. Not every thing works on our skin, but when something does, it's definely special. Maybe that is why i like Korean skin care so much. I feel like the manufactures or labs understand me. I am 30 something years old and my skin has never been better. I hate how sticky most Eczema creams or gel are when applied to skin. It takes for ever to absorb. So i am very happy that this serum is more on the liquidy then heavy. If you are having trouble with your skin and nothing else works, I say give the Holika Holika One solution a try. It's not overly expensive nor does it contain unatural ingredients. For people who struggle with Eczema, anything that helps is worth the money.

This is after 30 minutes being applied to my hands and just letting it sit. Still hydrating and no sign of stickiness or dryness.

This is after 30 minutes being applied to my hands and just letting it sit. Still hydrating and no sign of stickiness or dryness.

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