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So lately I've been getting a lot of questions about "Beauty Water".  If you been following my blog, beauty water isn't something I review. I've always kinda thought they were a scam, so I never reviewed it. I brought them in mainly due to the popularity of the product and my customers request. The most popular Korean beauty water has to be by Son & Park right now. You can find it here. (Son&Park Beauty Water)

Like most people, once I actually tried the product I was hooked. I was on a mission to learn more and seeing what else is out there. It's nice because beauty water has been popular for a couple of years now in the U.S and it wasn't hard to find other brands with similar if not better products out. Out of all the beauty water/mist toner I've tried (In the ball park of 10), the Skin79 Deep cleansing water stood out to me among the rest.

First thing I like about this product is that it comes in a pump. I didn't particularly like how the Son & Park bottle where I have to shake in order to get product out. The pump really helps with functionality, especially when my skin care routine consist of 10 steps. (Yes, I am following the Korean beauty regiment religiously lol)  

One pump gives you enough product to wipe off any left over makeup or residue that is left on your face that your cleanser didn't get.  

I personally like to use 2-3 pumps. (I have a big face lol) 

Most people will use this product like a toner and just wipe off dirt and makeup. However I find if you apply a second layer of it on, it gives the most natural dewy effect you can't get from other beauty waters/mists.

As we age, our skin naturally loses it's shine and bounce. For Asian women (depending on genetics) we start to see our skin losing it's elasticity after we turn 30. This is especially true for me since I had oily skin most of my life, but once i turned 30, my skin turned from oily acne prone skin to dry and flaky. I couldn't figure out why, so i went to see a dermatologist who specialize in femininity of a woman's face. Here is a link to her profile if you are local and want to improve your skin. She Also does facial reconstructions and other beauty needs as well.

After she examined my face, she pointed out areas of my face that are losing fat.  Particularly around my cheek area. She recommended several different ways to enhance the area. 

Number one and most popular is fillers. By injecting fillers, it gives an illusion of plumpness in that area we lost fat to. (I'm terrified of needles, especially around my eyes, so I opt out.)

Second way is to do Micro-needling/IPL treatments.

The third way was using products.

If you follow me on instagram, you probably already know I recently got IPL/Micro-needing treatment. which benefited my skin significantly. (I will write a blog about my experience soon.) 

After the treatment my face was a mess! My doctor said, it will take at least a week to heal. If you are as impatient as me, a week is too long!!

As my skin flakes away, the skin79 cleansing water really helped with the sensitivity of my skin and redness. Even before i had the treatment, my skin is super sensitive. My face cannot handle anything with a lot of fragrance or alcohol in it. If i used products too strong of a fragrance, my face will automatically turn red and itchy. So I was very happy that this particular beauty water had minor if any fragrance in it. It kinda smelled like the Son & Park beauty water quite honestly.  

With the combination of the Holika Holika Horse oil hydro mask, I decreased my healing time from 7 days to 3 days. The doctor told me I can absolutely not exfoliate after my treatment, which I stayed clear from any product that peels and exfoliate. I only used products that healed and help naturally get rid of dead skin.

The beauty water help the dead skin fall off, while the Horse oil mask heal the area allowing collagen to be produced.  By the third day I was able to put makeup on and no one could tell I had an treatment done on my face. 

You can see the natural dewiness that is on my hands by. It's not overly shinny which i don't like. It just looks healthy which is my goal.

When comparing hands, you can tell with enough moisture our skin naturally become more elastic. This is huge for anti-aging! Snail slime really is a miracle product when it comes to anti-agining. I will talk more about it on another blog.  

So if you are wondering if you should add beauty water to your facial routine, my answer is YES! It's worth a try.

However if you have sensitive skin like me, i highly recommend the skin79 cleansing water because it's one of the lowest fragrance beauty water out there.

If you are already using a particular beauty water from another brand. Let me know you experience!

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