New haircut and color.

I notice I have a habit of coloring and cutting my hair at the beginning of the year. Maybe it's because it's close to my birthday or that I like starting the new tear with a fresh look.

Recently we started carrying FreshLight hair dyes. Their product packaging didn't have super pretty models, but I find the dolls super appealing. I think they are cute.

I chose a pretty dark color. I'm surprised it turned out very close to the description. I actually like this more than the Palty hair dye. I really like the color, but I think it's a bit dark for my skin tone. It washes my skin tone out. I think I will try their Vanilla Beige next time.


  1. Cute!!! Vanilla beige actually sounds like a pretty color. Wonder if it'll really turn out that shade though. Esp if you have dark hair. :( You make me wanna do something to my hair now haha

    1. I love your hair color! I actually want to get it to something as light as your facebook profile pic~

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