Lioele is discontinuing some colors from the Blooming Gloss line

This is the first bad news I've gotten in 2013. Lioele informed us that they will be discontinuing some of the colors from the Blooming Gloss line. I've been a fan of the Blooming Gloss ever since I started distributing their brand. It's one of my most recommend products by Lioele. It's so sad to know they will be discontinuing some of the colors because it's not as popular.

In a business perspective I totally understand, but as a fan I am quite disappointed. Lipstick and Lip glosses are like shoes. There is no such thing is unpopular colors. It simply goes with the style of makeup and clothing you have on that day. I don't know anyone who has just one color of lipstick or lip gloss in their makeup collection.

I love the Blooming Gloss with a passion because it's the only lip gloss I've tried that my hair doesn't stick to. I even quit lip glosses for awhile because I was so annoyed with the fact that my hair keeps sticking to my lips. I couldn't drive with the windows open or enjoy a simple day out. The Blooming Gloss kept my lips moist and shinny without the stickiness. It was love at first touch.

Sigh, all I can do is collect a couple of sets for myself. Korean products do have a pretty long shelf life. Hopefully I will discover another lip gloss I can fall in love with before I run out.


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