Best facial cleanser hands down!

Over the years I've tried many facial cleansers. However none really motivated me to write a review for.  A couple of days ago a new shipment of Skin79 came in. One of the bottle of the Skin79 Smart Clear All In One Cleansing Gel leaked. Since the product was not in top shape condition we set the product aside and not sell it. A lot of the times I take the opportunity and take the product home and test it. I am so glad I did! Currently I am using Lioele's AC control foam cleanser. As much as I like the foam cleanser I can't help by knocking it down a couple of stars because it's ability to dry out our skin. I needed an softer everyday cleanser.

In the past I've used the Elishacoy BB all in one cleanser which was raved about by Jen and other popular gurus. I personally didn't find this particular cleanser to be amazing or did any beneficial changes to my skin. In fact I find it to be pretty drying.

What I love about the Skin79 Smart Clear All In One Cleansing Gel is that it didn't dry out my skin. It actually soften and moisturized my skin like I've just spend 30 minutes using a facial mask. I was especially surprised at the cleanser's ability to remove makeup. Usually with Elishacoy I needed to use a couple of pumps and also leave product on my face for couple of seconds to removed makeup. Even at that it didn't remove my makeup all the way. It would leave eyeliner or mascara on my eyes. With the Skin79 I used one pump and it took all my makeup off. It didn't even sting my eyes.

After 9 hours of using the cleanser my face still feels soft as baby's skin. I was truly amazed by it. The softness of my skin wasn't shiny soft. I didn't see any shiny oil on my face. Usually with moisturizers that softens or moisturize it sometimes leaves skin oily or a dry tightening shine. This particular product didn't. The only complain I have for this product is you will be constantly touching your face because how soft it feels lol.

If you try this product let me know what you think about it~? I honestly wish Skin79 makes mini samples of this cleanser so I can let people try this amazing product before purchasing it. I haven't been this excited about an particular product in a very long time.

Product Reviews
Skin79 Smart Clear All In One Cleansing Gel is made with a moisture-rich water-type gel formula that neatly removes makeup residue, toxins, and blackheads and makes skin feel fresh and smooth without tightness.  Skin-DX Coplex, made with Lotus Flower and Elaeagnus Umbellate Extract help to maintain clean and lively skin while patented ingredient Levan Extract provides nutrition and a moisturizing effect for better overall skin health. Plus Oliga-HA maintains skin’s oil-moisture balance while Eco Milk Complex protects the skin from external irritants.

Directions:  Pump an adequate amount on wet palm to foam up and gently massage on skin. Allow cleanser deep cleanse skin by allowing it to sit on skin for 30 seconds.  Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  • Cleanses
  • Removes Makeup
  • Cleans Pores
  • Moisturizes
  • Soften dry patches
  • No Tightness

Recommend for: 
  • All skin type


  1. Great review Janie!! I will have to pick it up when I'm done with my Kose :)

    1. Julie!!! You're coming to my grand opening right?

  2. My wife always likes to try out new facial cleansers. I think I might get her some to try out! These reviews make it sound really great! -Cambridge mn

  3. This is a really good review my wife always gets these facials in cambridge mn but maybe she should take a look at this! Thank you tons for posting this review!

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