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Man it's been a long time since I've written a blog. I've been so caught up with other social networks like instagram and facebook, I've totally neglect my blog. Oh well~ I'm back. I realize that my blog is the only place I can sit and write in details of my opinion and thoughts. Anywhere else just seem like too big of a post. However, since I've been away I've learned so much and explored so much, I can't wait to share with you all.

First things first! Today is the last day of our Pink Friday Sale. We are having a 30% off on everything. Like every year (exception of last because I was in Asia), I would go on blogtv the night off and help answer some questions customers might have. A frequent question or a question I don't think is answered enough is, What products am I getting the best deal on? Personally I think 30% off any cosmetics especially Asian cosmetic is a good deal! That is because you are able to purchase these goodies at a wholesaler's price and without a wholesaler's restriction (minimum quantity, license and such). However, of course with any store there are just some product that is a must buy. If you are not purchasing these products you are not taking the full advantage of this sale.

Quick last minute shopping tip! Which product you will get the best value on from our Pink Friday sale.

1) BB Creams. 30% off Authentic bb creams straight from the manufacture is a steal. Usually you will have to get a minimum quantity to get this deal because of wholesale. Also you are getting it from a reputable store without having to worry if the deal you got is because you are purchasing a fake product.

2) Clip on extensions! $16 dollars for 23" top quality extensions are a must have. It's always nice to have extensions around! It's basically an non-expirable makeup product.

3) Lip glosses! You can never have too many lip glosses. Lioele's Blooming gloss has nearly perfect reviews! Take the opportunity and grab every color! They are only $8.60 with the sale

4) Skin care products!! Almost every girl I know have something to complain about with there skin. Take the opportunity to stock up on some skin care products and start preparing for beautiful skin for the summer. (Especially the masks $.80~$1.20 per piece!)

5) Lashes! I don't know if you go through lashes as much as I do, but man can they get expensive. With this sale some of the lashes are well below a dollar. False lashes are another non-expirable product. It's always fun to have different styles of lashes around.


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