Holika Holika: Bulgarian Rose

When we first started carrying Holika Holika products, they send us a bunch of samples. Among the samples, Bulgarian Rose was one of them. I started out using the moisturizer at night and immediately i felled in love with the scent. It's not a strong rose smell, but a very sweet floral fragrance. Usually when I decide if I want to carry a certain product I test it out for at least 2 weeks. After using the sample set for the second day I decided this is a must have Item.

I have combination skin. When I don't drink enough water, get enough rest, or if I don't watch my diet, my skin would get really dry. I love products you can feel and see immediate results. Bulgarian rose happens to be one of those products. After I use it, I can feel my skin feeling softer. The next morning when I wake up, the dry patches I had the day before would be gone.

I especially like the Bulgarian Rose eye cream. In the past, followers has pointed out how dry and flaky the skin around my eyes were when they watched my tutorials. After noticing the flaws, the reason the skin around my eyes are so dry is because I don't use any eye creams. The skin under our eyes are very delicate. it needs a lot more moisture than other areas of the face. The Bulgarian Rose eye cream is a very condensed cream that is much more moisturizing than regular lotion. Of course, eye creams are only meant for eyes, if you apply it anywhere else it might be too thick and oily. 

For the face, I love the Bulgarian Rose Serum. Since I have combination skin, there are areas of my face I can't risk have too much moisture on. The serum is non-stick and just enough moisture my skin needs without clogging my pores. I love love love this product. I love the smell and I especially love the results. 

A lot of my friend's mom always ask me to recommend them eye products because at a certain age our eyes starts to sag and need even more moisture. A long with a good firming & wrinkle care serum I always recommend them the Bulgarian Rose set. This is one of those products you will buy and fall in love with instantly. 

Get the sample set and try it out for yourself. Click here to buy

Thanks for reading<3 


  1. Thank you for the review! This sounds like a great line of products. I've never tried anything from Holika Holika before. You are so pretty btw! I love the upper lashes you have on in this photo :)

  2. i ordered this sample set last week! its coming tomorrow omg UPS hurry loll I cant wait to try it!!

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