The most precious thing in life is life itself

For most people life is not a steady ride. We encounter ups and downs. For some people they encounter the bottom of the pit before they rise to the top. It saddens me when I read people giving up on their life because of bullies. No matter who you are or how much money you make. There is nothing worth more than life itself. No insult is worth giving up your life and punish the people who love and value you.

I've been called many names in my life. Names like ugly, fat, fake, flat face, chink, fob, bitch, alien, and much much worse. Sometimes the insults can hurt, but in the end I am always so thankful I live another day to hear another insult. In death everything ends even insults. I love my life, even at it's darkest moments. I didn't give up, and neither should you. Life will get better if you don't give up. I promise.


  1. hi janie , I cannot stress enough how beautiful you r :))!
    Thx for the post
    P.s Wat circle lens are u wearing , really like the natural look here !:) please do more makeup tutorials

    1. Thank you<3 I am wearing Geo Princess Mimi Latte brown.

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