A little shadowing under the lips

Contouring makes a big difference in photographs. Besides the most famous contouring method of the nose, you can also contour your chin.  A little bit of shadow under your lips helps to draw attention to the center of your chin giving the illusion it's smaller and pointier.

I think it's amazing beautiful when a person's chin curves outwards, unfortunately my chin is not as curvy as I would like it to be. A little shadow under my lips gives an illusion that my chin curves up a little. However in reality my chin curves slightly down. ^.~  That is why I try to avoid side profile shots. This is also important for people who have an little extra skin under their chin.

Blending is important, in different lighting your shadow will look darker, make sure you blend well so it won't be noticeable. I find this makeup trick helps bring back youth and a hint of cuteness. Try it next time and see if you notice the difference. <3


  1. I just found this blog and I like it a lot! :3
    I follow you :)

  2. can u do a wats in ur bag video? curious ^^

  3. Thanks for this great tip! I have really round cheeks, so I am trying all sorts of creams and stuff that claim to give you a more defined V-shape. Unfortunately most of them don't really do anything so I can only contour.

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  5. Interesting!! ^_^ Thanks for sharing x

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