Skin79 Lemon Brightening Mask


I have combination skin and every month when I'm close to having my period my face would break out. Well,  the recent one was really bad, so I used a lot of acne products. Using too much acne products can actually dry out your skin. My blemish and pimples are gone but my skin feels incredibly dry.

I use a lot of hydration products and I feel like the only thing I can ever get fast result from are facials. I have a large collection of sheet masks. Majority of them are firming and hydration masks. After using so much sheet masks you kind of tired of them. The lemon brightening mask was different. It's a type of mud mask. The same type of mask they would use when you are getting a facial.

I started going through all my masks and reading their descriptions. I hesitated to use the lemon brightening mask because I thought it would dry out my skin even more because whitening products could be a bit harsh on sensitive skin. I was so relief when I saw how soft and dewy my skin looked . The ingredients of the mask not only brightens, but it also have hyaluronic acid which hydrate the skin.

I used it twice last week and I noticed not only my skin felt softer, my freckles have also gotten lighter. I hate my freckles, so you have no idea how happy I was when I noticed they were lighter. The only whitening product i used since my acne products were the Skin79 lemon brightening mask. I am a very pale person, so there is not a lot on my face I can lighten except my freckles.

You guys know I only blog about products I really love and this is one of them. I think for the price this product is worth a try. Skin79 is known for their bbcream, but their skincare products also lives up to their reputation. Best of the best.

Buy it here:
HEE >.<

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