Skin79 Super Plus Triple Functions BB Vital Cream & Ulzzang Frames

Hehe just messing around with my favorite Ulzzang frame. I like brown more because it's not as bold as black and it matches with my hair. Since my face slimming video, I've been getting a lot of questions from people asking for tips on face slimming. Big frames are actually a good accessories to hide those chubby cheeks. The only thing I hate about frames are the glare the lenses give. It doesn't look good in pictures. I am so glad that it's actually a style to not wear any lenses in the frame. You see people wearing them everywhere in Asia.

I recorded a video on the new Skin79 Super Plus bb cream in orange packaging. I am happy Skin79 finally came out with a Super Plus bb cream that is closer to my skin tone. ^_^

Giveaway ends in a couple of days! So far I love everyone's answers. Thanks for participating!

P.S- I went and got myself a Jack In he Box Bacon Milk Shake today... I was very curious on what it actually taste like. I thought it might taste better then it sound. Lets just say curiosity killed the cat. .. I asked the lady at the drive through what she thought about the drink. I should of known it was a hint when she told me she was a vegetarian...  I recorded my reaction. It's a short clip, but it explains a lot...


  1. Great review Janie ^_^ I recently purchased a whole bunch of BB Creams from but now I want more :D I have't tried Skin79 yet but I really want to try the hot pink one, orange one, and oriental gold one. How is the coverage for the oriental gold? :) xo~

  2. The coverage is medium. I do love the lip/cheek cream it comes with. made a review on it and It looked amazing on her. She is fairly light as well.

  3. I had you on fb for the looongest time, but now I'm following you~ yay! haha
    The photos are really cute ^^ Love nerd glasses :D
    And I've always heard good reviews on that BB cream, so I'd like to try it one day.

    From ^^

  4. Ah--- cool glasses, Janie. <3 I could never pull those type off. @_@ I just look crazy or something.....

    Anyway, glad you found a BB cream closer to your skin tone! C: I know a lot of girls have a tough time finding a close match with the right kind of undertone.

    1. lol i think you will look cute with the glasses! People seem to think as long as your light skin it would be easier to find a bb cream with your shade. It's not always true. It's actually harder to blend when you have light skin and use a bb cream that is too dark for you.

  5. Janie ! Where did you get your glasses from? :)