Korea ^_^

Korea is so beautiful.  We had the privileged of seeing outside of Seoul because the closes Lioele shop was 3 hours away. Honestly, Korea reminded me a lot of Oregon. There are a lot of scenery and it's very clean. I didn't expect to see so much trees and mountain. Of course the city life is always more fun, but it's nice to know you can always get it when you need a breath of fresh air.  

I was at Etude House and wanted to buy something..... Until

I noticed a fly.... 

Apparently a dead fly... i wonder how long it's been there hehe. 

Parking Garage girls. All they do is wave to you when you enter. What a job~ We need to create jobs like this. ^_^

The amazing comfortable toilet. 

A pink delivery Bike!!! 


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  1. good grief O_O you'd think they would have cleaned their store every so often >_> gahhhhh

    but who doesn't love a comfortable toilet? XD