Holika Holika Starlight lipstick

I am not a big lipstick person. I find most lipsticks look unnatural on lips. Finding a color that suits your specific skin tone is hard, especially when you are as pale as me. My lips are naturally very pale with a light pigment of pink. Maybe it's because I am too use to seeing my own lip color, because I find other lip colors odd on me. Even with all my conflict in finding a lip color suited for me, I still chase after the perfect shine. I don't care much for the color rather the shine it gives me.

I have tried all the colors on the holika holika starlight lipstick line. Out of all the colors I like the clear one the most.

At first I thought it was just a lip base or a lip balm, but it's an actual color. It enhances your natural lip color giving it a sparkle shine with no stickiness rather then adding a color to it. All the colors are very sheer and natural. I love how my lips looks like it's been frost with little diamonds.

If you haven't noticed, my eye shadow of choice has always been neutral colors. The warm colors brings out my eyes while my lips are usually pale. With the tint of shine the starlight lipstick gives me, it really balances my whole look.


  1. Gorgeous lipsticks!! (of course you are gorgeous as well!!) I'm going to have to get myself at least one of these soon! :D

  2. Hi doll I've awarded you the creative blogger award check my blog for info :)

  3. I know this is sort of off topic, but I love your keyboard.