Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack

I finally talked myself to open up some of the stuff I got from Korea. Since Lioele announced their honey sleeping pack, I thought I should try the holika holika one first to get a first opinion on the product idea.

When I saw this at the Holika Holika shop I picked it up immediately. The only dilemma I had was which scent to pick. They all contains 40% honey and loaded with moisture.

When I can't decide what color or scent I should buy I always just end up getting all of them and save myself the heartache.

When I got it, it was so cute I didn't want to open it. It actually looks like a pot of honey.

Well, today is the day. The day I am finally going to try it. I have looked up review for this product before using and compare my result with theirs. Some reviews said product was sticky and that is not what I felt at all.

Sleeping packs are made to be on the face and not the pillow, so if they can put that name on their product, the only sticking is the product on your face.

The honey scent is really strong. Which I don't have a problem with. I mainly care about how the product works .

First touch of the product felt exactly honey. After I rubbed it on to my skin it no longer felt like honey.

Usually sticky products drys out as you rub it into your face, but the HH honey sleeping pack takes a while to soak into skin because how much moisture is contained in product.

It will feel wet at first, but once it soaks into skin it tightens up. This help compact moisture and decrease swelling.

A key thing to note regarding this product is that it has a security seal by Enprani. Which would imply that this product was produced by Enprani, but marketed for Holika Holika. Since Enprani is most known for their excellent skin care products, it would go without saying that this sleeping pack line is nothing less than quality.

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  1. Wow--- this is intriguing! I hadn't heard about these honey masks/face products. (I LOVE honey as both a skin care ingredient AND just to eat on occasion. Haha)

    Nice to hear you had a pretty good experience.