Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone. Another year is upon us and It feels like a clean slate. We were always told, life is full of ups and downs. We should forget the bad memories and cherish the good ones, but sometimes, there are just some memories you can't forget. You will lock onto them even if it kills you inside every time you think about it.

I know when people come to my blog, they expect to read about happiness or something that has to do with makeup. People want to read happy things, not post like this. It took me awhile to decided If i want to publish this. Like most people in the world, I too get insecure, scared, sad, and angry. I want to share with the world of my success and experiences, but I also want the world to understand that I am human.  Unhappy things happens in my life as well.

In 2011 someone very special was taken away from me. His death was the most traumatizing thing that ever happened to me. I feel empty and lost. His death made such an big impact on me, I don't know if I can ever over come it.  Regret is such an powerful emotion. Regret is all I have now because I was naive. If people visit my blog to learn something, then learn from the biggest regret of my life. Learn to appreciate the people around you.  Sometimes we get so busy with our lives we forget to appreciate the people who are around us. In 2012 make it a goal to tell everyone you care about how much they mean to you.

I wish you knew how proud I am of you and how much your brother and I loved you Larry. Rest in peace baby.


  1. hey janie,

    I've been a fan of yours for awhile now. I admire everything you do. I've would never expect you to be super perfect at eveything you do even if you are hihi ^^. anyways I just want to share the pain with you. I can feel what you are going through when my aunt past away. She has down syndrome and live like across the world from me. Its a shock because you didn't get to say the things you want to them but now its late, I know. But if it makes you feel better, he's somewhere with god. And god will take care of him. =) I really hope you feel better. And i wish you the best on 2012. I hope you will find more peace, love, and laughter. you are a beautiful person with a wonderful personality..Don't change because I'm always your fan =))

  2. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you for taking the time and share with me your experience. I feel so bless to have you as a fan. <3