Geo Princess Mimi Café Series Latte Brown

These were one of the pair of lenses I purchases while I was in Hong Kong. I love the effect it gives, but honestly they look like a bigger version of the flower browns from EOS. Of course the enlargement effect makes a big difference.  I would say the comfort level is much tolerable then the sesame grey or the flower browns.

I like these lenses for close up pictures, but for far away group pictures they don't stand out. The effects are only noticeable in bright settings. Overall for self-portraits they are good lenses to have.

I can wear them for about 7 hours before they start getting dry. They are 15mm lenses which does not look nearly as big as the Almond browns from the same collection and only 14.5mm. I think it's because the Almond browns are darker in color, so it appears bigger. A combination of the right makeup is really needed to pull off the Almond browns. With the Latte brown they are more natural so less intense makeup is needed. They have been my lens of choice since they lighten my eyes.

Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.7

Camera: Samsung TL225


  1. they look gorgeous on you love :D i guess i know which lenses to get for some nice portraits keke :]

  2. They're soooo pretty!! Your eyes look golden! :D

  3. answered my question before I even finished thinking about it, lol "what camerr". I can't wait to get mine then Janie, esp. since you say they are more natural and need less makeup. How do you think they fair to the max pure browns? Would you say the blend/effect is the same?

    1. Sara they are much prettier then the Max Pure browns in my opinion. For some reason I am not a fan of the Max Pure series. I didn't like the effect. It could be that I never got the makeup right with them. The halo effect is much more noticeable in the Latte browns. ^_^ I think they will look lovely in your eyes! You have such gorgeous eyes.

    2. Awesome :) That's great and thanks for answering :) I hope so, thanks Janie! I just need to learn how to do eye makeup as good as yours! ^^

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