Defenseless Asian Guy Getting Jumped by 7 Guys

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??? I literally feel sick to my stomach. Luckily these boys are stupid enough to record themselves and an arrest was made. Who knows what the boy will do to himself or to others if he decides to retaliate? It's another school shooting waiting to happen! Just watching this makes me angry, especially when I can clearly understand the guy who is getting beat up saying in Chinese "Don't hit me, stop hitting me." What an embarrassment it must be for the parents. Probably working 12 hour days and realizing they were too worried about putting food on the table and forget to teach their kids right and wrong.

There was one part I wasn't clear of, did he say he wasn't Jap and he was Jewish when he was trying to talk to them?

It breaks my heart to watch this because If it was my brother, I don't know what I will do.

There is so much hate and anger in this world. As much as I don't like what they did, I am thankful that no one was killed. No one pulled out a gun, no one was shot...

If you care to know the reasoning behind the fight. This girl Amy Holly Feng
apparently knows the truth. I Appreciate what she is doing for her "Friends" but this is an perfect example of how flawed our education system is.  REVENGE IS NOT OKAY!! 


  1. Janie , that girl was the one video taping this whole thing and she lead him to that place to get beat up - I'm ashamed of her

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