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Question 1: What is your definition of a good person? We all have our own paradigm. I'm curious to know what others think when they're trying to describe a, "Good person."

Question 2: Describe in your own words what paradigm means?

Sociology was my favorite subject when I was in college ^_^. Your answer doesn't have to be long, just don't copy it from the dictionary word for word. 

Giveaway will end Feb, 11, 2012. (My birthday ^.~)



  1. To me A good person means that person is nice, trust worthy, a unique personality. Most of all he/she must be integrity and have a good heart <3.
    Paradigm -- hmm it's the first time I heard of this word, but I'm gonna take a shot and guess. I think it means 'you own way of thing about something, here we are talking about personality, so it means everyone has their own opinion about a good person'.

  2. question 1: i think a good person for me means that this person does not have any bad intentions like she/he will not try to be buddy with u just to use u in some sort of ways..., good person means i can rely on them..
    question 2: i think paradigm means that ur way of thinking or the way you explain thing...?

  3. 1. To me a good person is someone who you can trust. Someone that you can rely on when in need. Someone that you can count on. Most importantly they have to be a person that always has good intentions. Always wanting to help others without recognition or gain for themselves. :)

    2. Paradigm in my own words mean being a model. Setting an example of something. For example, showing others what a good person to you is by setting an example of what a good person does through your own actions.

  4. Oh yay giveaway~ :D
    I always have bad luck at these but I love to answer questions!!

    To me, a good person is someone who is empathetic and selfless towards other people. And it might sound a little contradicting, but they need to also be good to themselves (no matter how selfless they are!!). Do good to others as you would like good to be done to you. What comes around goes around. Karma. :) Of course, not everyone is completely good. We are all human beings so not everyone is perfect. We will have our mistakes and have those instances where we do not realize (or do realize) that we have caused physical or emotional harm onto someone, but it takes the "good person" in us to accept what we have done and be accountable for anything wrong that we do.

    As for the second question, I believe a paradigm is just another word for theory. In a sociological perspective (or in my background: psychological) the paradigms in society and in people are always changing. And even in the field of physics, we have went from Newton's law to Einstein's theories and in our generation we have discovered new theories/paradigms that surpass Einstein's! People and history are so fascinating!

    Whew! Long answers but I hope they made sense!! Good luck to everyone~ <3

  5. 1. In my eyes, a good person is someone who cares about others feelings, is a lover and not a fighter, and someone who people can look up to and inspires others to be a good person as well :D
    2. A paradigm is something that is good in society. . .?

  6. 1. To me, a good person is someone that will not hesitate to tell someone the truth instead of lying. They are not perfect but they are someone who I feel are role models to younger people. A good person would be willing to help others out at times of need even if they don't know that person very well.

    2. The word paradigm to me means someone's view of a ideal model of something?

  7. A good person is someone who care about others. They are honest, considerate, modest and a peacemaker.Most importantly, they have a good heart. The world is full of good people, you just need to dig them out :D

    I believe that a paradigm is a model, set of assumption or values. Basically a perspective on something.

  8. To me a good person is someone who is full of integrity. My definition of integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. When you can trust yourself and know what your doing is the right thing, I feel that it puts you in the category of a “good person.”

    Paradigm to me is setting a good example and being a model for someone. That’s where integrity really sets in. In order to set this good example and be a model for someone else you need to be a good person by having outstanding integrity.

  9. Question 1: For me a person can be called a "good person" when he/she doesn't do anything bad to other people or having a bad intentions, and being nice to other people around him/her. I can't expect for more because people have different personalities and i think i should respect that!
    Question 2: Well because you love sociology so i think this question is more about "science". But I'm more a "literature" person so imma take a best guess as i can: Paradigm is like transformation in conception of the way you view and perceive things!?

  10. Question 1: A good person is someone who has good morals and good virtues. And those views won't falter with peer pressure or anyone's opinion. I also feel like a good person is something who is willing to help someone else regardless of the conditions or benefits.

    Question 2: To me paradigm means a concept or theory in which we view certain things and how it perceive things in our own opinion

    I also just made a blog, inspired by you Janie! :)

  11. Question 1: What is your definition of a good person? We all have our own paradigm. I'm curious to know what others think when they're trying to describe a, "Good person." A good person is to return the lost items/money to the person or lost and found dept.

    Question 2: Describe in your own words what paradigm means? Paradigm means sample.

  12. Question 1: A good person is some who is caring, honest and always has good intentions. Someone who is inspiring and kind to everyone and goes out of their way to help others even if its just by saying "hello" to them, rather than just caring about only themselves.

    Question 2: I believe a paradigm is our perception of the world around us. Even thought we all live in the same world and see the same things, the way we look at them and the meaning we get from them is different for each of us.

  13. ooo your birthday's getting close Janie~ haha

    1.To me, I guess a good person is when his/her heart is willing to do something that's the right thing and is able stick to it no matter how hard or tough it might be. No one can be a "perfect" person but at least we can try to be good. Showing kindness, loyalty, patience, understanding, having all those qualities and isn't fake about it..

    2.I guess a paradigm is something that makes every human in this world different from each other. It's the human's behavior, how he/she acts to the society.

  14. 1: a good person is someone who's caring, passionate, honest & nice without trying to be one.. I mean, it comes naturally with him.. no hidden intentions/agenda.. someone who's happy doing good without expecting something in return.. someone who's willing to reach out a hand whenever needed, in whatever circumstances, without hesitations..
    2: paradigm means your basis or references on how you view certain theory or beliefs and where you base your opinion about it..

    ~on the other hand, i really appreciate your blog janie! u're an inspiration! more power & god bless!

    p.s. ur bday's on 11!btw i'm on 9.. pretty close huh? happy birthday! :)

  15. Subscribed to your page on facebook :) , My account is : Saya lii
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    1. I believe a good person cannot be decribed to a full extent with a generalised description. while we can apply the adjectives "kind hearted" "honest" "wonderful" "generous" to the overall perspective of a good person, In the end I think it really differs from person to person what a "good person " is since there cannot be a 100% universally correct definition. For me however, I believe a good person is always there to litsen when no one asks them to. A good person is able to provide support to those around them not just in words but in actions and spirit to such a great extent that sometimes words are not needed at all and just their mere presence will suffice. A good person will look out for people no matter who they are and they will risk a lot just to make sure others are comfortable. A good person for me... is like that time when drove out in pouring rain at night just to keep me safe.

    Question 2: While studying in school, I learnt that a paradigm is generally applied to sciences such as physics and in some cases such as Galileo's theory of a heliocentric universe. The general meaning is how things are represented , shown and proven. It is thought to be seen as a theoretrical collage or framework of ideas and beleifes. However I beleive In some ways it can be alluded away from its general scientific meaning. By taking the general idea and its definition of "representing" , I come to the conclusion that a paradigm can also be seen as the way somebody holds their beliefs together and showcases it to the world.

  16. Subscribed to your Twitter and I've always been a follower on your blog. :) My Twitter is @yoobingeulsoo. I do not have a Facebook so I just followed you on Twitter if that's okay.

    Question 1: One may be able to describe a generally good person with positive traits; however, in the end, there is no exact way to define a good person because each person has their own opinions and thoughts about what type of person a good person exactly is. But I think that, in the end, a good person is one who makes or strives to make a change in society ─ someone that wants to make the world a better place even if their limited in doing so.

    Question 2: A paradigm will always be different for everyone. I think our paradigms are our role models. :)

  17. Hye Janie, i am a subscriber to ur blog and youtube channel and alos follower of ur Facebook page and also Twitter. (acc: Cheyenne Noriko)

    Question 1: A good person should be defines as a person who has a kind heart. When they do something they do it whole heartedly without thinking of gaining. Most importantly they have morals, compassionate and is faithful. Beside, good person is always willing to hlp anyone without hoping any returns. We can always trust them.

    Question 2: when i was in school... i have heard bout Paradigm...i think i learn bout it in my physic class... is use to describe a very special concepts that is noticeable. it can be a model of something or a object.

    Happy Birthday ^^

  18. Hi Janie! i love your blog+youtube channel (:
    Twtitter: iStrawberrii

    1: A good person to me means someone who is responsible, respectful, honest, and trustworthy. Most of all, someone who treat others how they would want to be treated. Don't treat others how you wouldn't want to be treated. :]

    2: Paradigms are belief systems each person has that affects the way we do things(:
    Therefore everyone's paradigm is different+unique. <3

  19. YT: mscabbagex
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    Q1: a good person can be defined in many ways depending on who you ask, how you ask them and when you ask them. For me, after going to catholic school for 13 years, my view of what a good person is, is defined by what ive read in the bible. it's someone like God, Jesus or the Good Samaritan. Someone who can do something for another, no matter how big or small, it affects another in a great way. Appreciation for another being, regarding another's life, paying attention to other people and not thinking ONLY about yourself is a good person. Someone who can make another smile is a good person, because in life, it's the little things that can make a difference, and anyone who can make another happy is a good person.

    Q2: even after googling the word 'paradigm' im still confused to the meaning of it. Depending on how you look at the word (the dictionary had several meanings) it could me understood in different ways, because I'm still a bit unsure of the actual meaning of this word, im going to wing it and take a guess from the definition I read. Paradigm is a generalized view of something - usually associated with Science. It's an idealized conception of what people assume something to be - an expected and typical thing.

  20. Google Follower name: Sekaii
    Subscribed to FB, Samantha Hew!

    A good person, to me, would be one who's kind. The stereotypical kind, I guess. Nice to the old folks, gives up seats, donates money to the old folks who often play at the MRT stations... Even though they may be snarky, I believe through all their small and insignificant actions, they're still good.

    As for 'paradigm', I have never came across that word until just now! I shall try to infer from the previous question. I think paradigm means our individual definition and expectation and stereotype, each different from the other since we all have different ways of thinking and mentality[that's why you want to know what we think right?] hahaha.

  21. Google follower name: Hanbi Jang
    Twitter: gmorninglove

    For me, a good person is someone who is open minded and willing to accept other people's views. They don't have to donate a whole ton of money or be super religious to be a "good person". As long as they don't shut down your ideas and views, it comes a long way. When you are open minded, you are not selfish because you are willing to accept other people's views. This is a huge thing for me because it seems like the new generations these days are very narrow minded and even older people, who are accustomed to a certain view or idea tends to have a hard time accepting new views of younger people. I hope this makes sense >3<

    Paradigm... I first read this as plagiarism LOL. I honestly had to look this up and think about it. When I looked it up, the word "model" and "pattern" stood out to me. So taking that, I think it means how people think, their perspective and views?

  22. Google/Blog: doriee
    Facebook: Doris Doe

    Q1: I'll be honest. I don't know what a good person is. I used to, or rather, I used to think that I know what a good person is or how a good person acts. Now, I'm not trying to advertise my "sad" story or anything like that but this is MY personal experience. In the past year, I have had two very heart breaking incidents that happened to me. I had found out a few months ago that a very best friend of mine, whom I had been friends for over 8 years, was talking behind my back. If it was petty little things that she talked about, I wouldn't have minded. However, what she said about me had to do with my morals. She had indirectly called me a slut. I confronted her -- I had to and when I did, all she told me was that she didn't understand why I do the things I do. Then I thought, "Why do you need to understand me? I don't understand you and what you do but I still take you for who you are." Then I began to think over the past 8 years and how our friendship had been. I'll be completely honest...she wasn't a good friend because she always judged me. There was a period of time in my life where I needed comfort and when I went to her for it, she just made me cry. Was she a good person? She was nice to me. She was honest to me from time to time. And she never had any ill intention towards me. Judging me isn't an ill intention...she's just a judgmental person. So she shook my views up a bit...

    Another one of my close friends. I have known him for over 8 years as well. He was always very nice to me. He was very attentive to me. He was always there when I needed comforting and was always there when I needed someone to talk to. If I was feeling sick, he'd be there. He never had a single ill intention towards me. He never had any other motive towards me. He listened to my point of view, he'd listen to my ideas, he's loving to his family, he's loving to his pets, and he'd offer his opinion whenever he can if we're in a difficult state of mind or situation. Then there was the other side to him. He likes to manipulate some of his friends, likes to manipulate some of my friends, and pretends to be nice to people but would talk behind their backs. What do I mean by manipulating? Well, he'd get close to someone -- like act buddy buddy with them, talk to them, and just be "friends" -- and then, once he gets certain information he needs or once he understands how they "work" .. he'll get bored and kick them to the side/curb. Did he ever do that to me? No. He didn't. So if someone is good to you yet not good to other people, are they still a good person? Cause they're a good person to you and they've never done anything wrong to you because they're honestly GOOD to you, are they still good? What if you didn't know that he was not good to other people? What if you never realized what he was doing? Because if he never told me he was manipulating people or getting close to people just to use them, I don't think I would've ever found out.

    I'm sorry that I couldn't fully the question. But I really don't know what a good person is. If I can't even call a best friend that I've known for 8 years as a good person ... I don't know who I can call a good person.

    I am still trying to find out what a good person is and I figure that I'll probably find the meaning somewhere down the years of my life.

  23. Q2: Paradigm. It's funny because I learned this word in college and every time I see it, I'm tempted to say para-dig-uhm instead of para-dyme. Paradigm, from what I remember, is a model. So if we were to apply it to the same category as the first question, it would be a model of what we'd think a good person is (our beliefs/point of view). It could be something like a pyramid model as well. Bottom row would be bad person, middle is good person, and top is perfect person. Then details would be added for each "level/row" to show "what" in each. "What a bad person is like." "What a good person is like." "What a perfect person is like." Something to that matter.

    X_X Sorry. My first answer was too long that this wouldn't fit with the first comment lol

  24. FB: Puma Rey gnoix
    Blog: yxiong_24
    Describing a good person,well this is a hard question to answer truthfully.I would have to say a good person is someone who you can call and talk to anytime, anywhere and they are willing to listen and wont judge you by your story or takes side, but gives you advice even if your wrong or right.

    A paradigm is basically a way of thinking such as set of assumptions, concepts, values, A view of reality.

  25. *A good person is someone who is genuinely selfless. Always puts others before them, puts him/herself in the other person's shoes first, always tries to think about what the other person may be feeling at given situations... someone who sacrifices him/herself for the well being others because they truly believe in that way of living.
    *A paradigm is someone's set of beliefs and the way they live life trying to follow this guideline of theirs.

  26. hi!!!

    1. A good person is someone who is willing to give all that they have even to complete strangers. Also, the person must be able to be patient and love others no matter what the situation is. And, does not seek revenge no matter what. I think it's hard to be truly good all the time but we all try to be good :)

    2. a model or example of some kind?

  27. fb name : Rachel Chan

    1. A good person is someone who accepts you no matter what. Someone who helps you out, and gives you food :)

    2, i have no idea what the word means.

    haha i doubt i'll win :(

  28. Facebook Account: Michelle Lee (

    - A good person is someone who is willing to sacrifice important parts of his life on behalf of another person. Regardless of how tough the person may have it, he will remain unfazed and strong. A good person is someone who has true sincerity and good intentions. In addition, a good person is honest and straightforward, the person wouldn't hold back their opinions just for the sake of avoiding judgement or negative responses.

    - A paradigm is a general and and stereotypical idea or viewpoint of a certain thing. It's almost a universal idea or standard concept of what is 'good' and what would be typically considered 'bad'. For example, the paradigm for beauty. How a beautiful person 'should' look. Or the paradigm for a good person. Generally speaking, every person's idea for a good person is similar in quality, as the first questions' responses would prove.

  29. Question1: I would say a good person has good judgement, common sense, and empathy. All qualities you cannot teach someone. Goodness comes from within and what we choose to do with the time we are given here. Good people don't always make the "right" decision, but do what's best in a situation.

    Question2: paradigm is a utopia, perfection, the master plan. There is a anime I love called "big o" and the characters live in paradigm city!

  30. I believe that a good person is open minded, sets good examples through their actions, kind, selfless, and understanding.

    Paradigm is an example;role model, someone who is sought for advice :)

  31. Question 1: Although I don't think there is someone 100% good, I'll try to think about things that could define a good person.
    A good person is someone who can bring happiness in other people's lifes. It's someone that warms your heart.

    Question 2: Paradigm means not being afraid to have a different idea.

    FB: Oana Todeila
    GFC: Nia Hath

  32. I don't really have a great definition of a good person, I can only think that a person is good when he or she doesn't have any bad thoughts, and thoughtful and caring for the people around them, and it definitely doesn't means perfection. Sounds cheesy but, no one is perfect.
    Out of everyone I know, a lot of them are good people, but my auntie reaches another step and is a great person, she worked and earned and paid off my uncle's debts, cooks my meals, washes my clothes, and also the moral of "助人為快樂之己 (Helping people is the source of my own happiness)". So yeah, I guess being a good person is pretty simple, but being a great person is another level of achievement.

    Paradigm... I actually don't know how to explain the meaning of this... I guess, it's like a typical or stereotypical example? hehe~

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  33. Q1: A "good person" is someone who does things for you even though it may not benefit them. They'll stick by your side even if it means that they might get hurt. A "good person" is someone you should cherish forever.

    Q2: A paradigm is a mold that is created for people to fit into, but will never completely fill it.


  34. 1. My definition of a good person is someone who tries to understand other people's actions and is considerate of others. Those who help others out if they need help in any way, even if it's just something small.

    2. For me, a paradigm is an ideal model, but it's different for everybody.

  35. Q1) A good person is someone who puts her loved ones above herself, but still finds the strength and time to pursue her own interests and take care of herself. She's someone who never fails to give out a hand to someone in need, someone who's not afraid of showing kindness to strangers and loving her friends and family wholeheartedly--even at the risk of possibly being hurt by them. A good person always follows her own moral conscience, even when everyone else around them disagrees. She's someone who considers everyone's feelings but doesn't neglect her own, someone who has a pure, untainted heart and wishes to better the world every day. :)

  36. Q2) (It was too long to fit into one post) I suppose in this sense, a paradigm would be a stereotypical mold everyone strives to fit themselves into, no matter what the cost, no matter how bad of a match this mold is for the individual. The person will do anything to match society's standards of an acceptable person, simply because he STRIVES for acceptance from those around him. So he'll do anything to gain that: at times, he'll hurt others by pushing them away because they taint his public image, he'll hurt himself by demoralizing himself down to a standard so he can achieve public recognition. He'll degrade himself for not fitting that stereotype, and be consumed with guilt and self-hatred, turning him into a weak person with low self esteem :(

  37. Q1)I think a good person is someone who respects other people but also respects himself/herself.And a good person also does the things he/she want to do and when they do it they always do it with passion and love for it.Tey don't have to be super optimistic or sophisticated, shy and silent people are a lot of times the most sympathatic and nicest people.
    Q2)Honestly...I have no idea what it means.But I know the word, they use it in Final Fantasy 13 to describe certain abilities in the fights, i think^^

  38. Ans1- I believe that a good person is one that has his/her own way of being nice. They don't show off being kind and need no payment for being kind. No, they don't have to look nice. Looking good DOES NOT mean you are a good person. They respect other people and also their self. A good person for me, doesn't have to be a superhero for everyone. If he/she was my friend or was related to me, I'd know they care. A kind person has to love himself/herself in order to love other people. They don't have to put their lives at risk for other people. Because like I said, they don't have to be superheroes. A little selfishness is fine. They can`t keep on giving.

    Ans2- I looked up what it means and tried my best to understand. :) For me, my parents are a paradigm. I look up to them and they are my role models. We all learn all the basics and even more complicated stuff from our parents right? I have learned more from my parents than from anything else.

    I don`t know a lot about the world because I am not an adult yet. These answers are coming from a teenager. Anyway, thanks for the giveaway! Take care!

  39. 1. A good person in my opinion is a person who is sincere to others and the person never stereotypes other people and always think positive and be considerate. A good person doesn't expect something back by helping others. the help is purely based on the good person's sincerity.
    2. Paradigm in my opinion is one's belief on viewing things in life.
    And Thank you for the giveaway, Love ^-^

  40. Happy early birthday~ Hope you have a good time! I wish I had your problem of having too many products to try lol! Hopefully if given the chance I can help you out! (fingers crossed!)

    For my answers to the questions:
    Question 1: My definition of a good person is someone that always acts in a consistent manner (they don't have double standards and will always stand by what they believe) and will just try their best to not intentionally hurt or take advantage of someone.

    Question 2: To me a Paradigm is someone's perspective on something . Kind of like how we all have our own definition and views of what is good or bad.

    1. Oh I forgot to add I am Liz LeBrett on Facebook!

  41. Question 1: A good person is someone who is driven at their core by their innate consciousness and whose actions are directed by their heart through all temptations of secular ideals. Sincerity, empathy, fairness, and kindness are all attributes of a good person but I think at the end of the day, a good person is guided by their moral compass and does not judge others who are different but simply accepting and understanding of those who vary from their own path.

    Question 2: A paradigm is a distinctive concept or framework through which theories, hypotheses, and other formulaic reasoning is developed. Usually it answers one or more of the how, what, when, where, and why questions.


  42. 1. In my opinion, a good person is someone who tries not yo hurt others & are honest, kind & understanding. They are also a responsible role model. They don't have to be perfect or anything close to it, they just need to try their best with good intentions.
    2. An arrangement or model? Reminds me of FFXIII haha ><
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  43. Hi Janie !
    1) IMO, a good person is someone that is willing to help anyone and has a wide heart? (meaning to accept people for who they are) They are honest and kind. They don't have to be the most perfect person in this world but i believe a good person have a kind heart.

    2) i think a paradigm is a model. like a role mole that you want to follow.

    Fb: Jessica Ma


  44. Hi Janie! :)

    Question 1: To me... A good person is someone that can make anyone smile. I think if you can bring happiness to others; you are good. I believe that everyone is truly good, and everyone has had their times of "failure" but if they don't let that negativity radiate to others, they are good. I feel like everybody has a past, but if they fix it and make others happy around them, they are a good person because they have chosen better. Just as long as they can make me smile/laugh :)

    Question 2: MOM. Haha, really! In the dictionary, it means a model right? But to me, my mom is the best paradigm in the whole world <3 I'm always looking up to her, and she's someone that I will never want to fail to. So far in life, she's the person that has shown me the most and has been my role model. It makes me so happy with all her stories of "back then"; if she could have done with with all that hardship, so can I.

    Thanks for the giveaway Janie! BTW, Feb. 11 is my birthday too! How cool! Happy Birthday to you!

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  45. 1.) Being a good person is to show compassion towards other. There is no fakeness or expectancy of how someone should act, but show and treat others how you wish to be treated. Being a good person is to be open-minded, well-rounded, and someone who can give their all. There is no right or wrong when it comes to defining what is a good person, as long as you feel that is the right decision at the time it doesn't matter how others reflect. One can only hope that it came from the goodness of their hearts.

    2.) In a way paradigm can be tied together with being a good person. By whatever a good person means to you, in the eyes of others you become influential. Whether they be young or old, they will look up and admire a person with a kind heart. Though hardships may fall, with the support and the wishful thinking for others strength will pull through. Its within the eyes of others that determine good from bad. <3 <3

    Blog: helloqt(.)

  46. Question 1: What is your definition of a good person?
    Being a good person means that you treat a person with kindness despite your own judgement of that person.

    Question 2: Describe in your own words what paradigm means?
    Model. A role model that you look up to, and try to use similar styles when dealing with things.

    twitter: @IceForest1

  47. Question 1: What is your definition of a good person?

    Being a good person does not mean you have to be pure and innocent. No one is 100% honest and righteous, but to me....being a good person means that you learn from your mistakes and correct your way. Knowing what you have and appreciate it instead of looking at what others have and complaining. ALWAYS respect others, even if they don't respect you back and never treat others as if you're better than them.

    Question 2. What does paradigm mean?

    Paradigm is widely accepted and not questioned.
    facebook: Namuuna Bayasgalan

  48. Liked you fb and followed your blog :)

    1. To me a good person is someone who cares about other people and themselves. Someone who isn't selfish, has character, and is respectful.

    2. A paradigm is generally understanding of something

    Fb: Tiffany Chiu

  49. 1. In my opinion, a good person is someone who can extend the grace given to them unto others. Grace is unmerited and undeserved. To be able to share what was freely given to you with others unconditionally is the fruit of a good person.

    2. In my opinion, paradigm can be analogized as the lens through which people view the world. This lens has different focal points for each individual, allowing distinct features in the world to stand out to different individuals.
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  50. 1. A good person is one who act/speak for the benefit of the other, willing to serve, as well as virtually holds true to themselves & others. A good person has a genuine character. Of course, life isn't always roses & daises; they're still human, but yet they are human enough to bring joy & laughter into the lives of those around. Surrendered hearts show up best in relationships. They keep others accountable when correction is necessary to build each other up, as well as, open to correction to better & grow as an individual. You don't edge others out, you don't demand your rights and you aren't self serving when you're surrendered. It isn't about whom you have known the longest, it's about who came, and never left your side. A good person cares without hesitation, who remember without limitation and who love even without communication. They make your problems their problems, just so you don't have to go through them alone. A good person values relationships/friendships not just forever, but even longer. A good person is able to make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and just live a little better.
    2. A Paradigm is a type of standard model to put into practice. To illustrate with consistency.

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a blast out of today! Continue to make the difference you wonderfully are and thank you for being a blessing in my life. Enjoy the rest of your evening.