Seattle ^_^

It's been really cold these past few weeks, and there is nothing I love more on a cold day is friends and family gathering around and enjoy Hotpot. Sadly living in Portland have its disadvantages. We don't have the best of restaurant choices. My friend Ross who is an crazy Hotpot lover suggested to try little lamb Hotpot in Bellevue. Last time we had little lamb in L.A was a disappointment, so I wasn't very thrill of the idea. Although I was being a downer, my boyfriend insist this would be fun. He was right ! I forgot how much I love Seattle. The little lamb redeemed itself this time. I really enjoyed it. The place was clean and the service was excellent. The staff spoke both Cantonese and mandarin. The whole meal was really nice.

Seattle is only three hours away dnd I would love to do a makeup party or something there. I sometimes throw those locally and invite my friends to introduce them to products and just have fun and giving them makeovers. If I can do something like that in Seattle it would be amazing. The problem is I am not from Seattle and not sure where to host the party at. Probably need a local to help me set everything up. I do have a large. Customer base in Seattle. It would be nice to finally meet some of them.

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