My cousin's wedding

What I valued most from my trip was being able to spend time with family I don't often see. Most of the time when i visit Asia, i usually stay in Hong Kong and don't go anywhere. I realize the older we get the harder it is for us to meet. I can't expect them to take time off work and travel to Hong Kong to see me just because I am afraid to go to China. It was much easier for an U.S. passport holder to travel rather than someone without an U.S. passport. Granted this was one of the only major family event I showed up at, this has got to be one of the most memorable.

My cousin's and their husband and wives. Only my little cousin, my sister, and I are not married. =)

My father

My little cousin Trolly

The picture is blurry, but it's my favorite picture of us. 

My sister

The set up, i don't know who the lady is... 

Found a place with good lighting for pictures. 

Outside is amazingly gorgeous~!

My cousin Theresa. I love her! Isn't she adorable? I still regret missing her wedding.. *sniff* 

There i go snapping pictures again. 

Yay found someone to take pics with. 


Aunty and I again


Dad with glasses

Wearing monthly lenses, they don't make my eyes pop..

They are much more comfortable, but don't look as good. 

Bored waiting for food. 

Still waiting

Theresa is bored too~!

She totally jacked my camera...

Her super educated husband Eddy. 

Food~! Found a big spoon! 





She is so gorgeous, she reminds me of Rainy Yang

Love her to pieces! So happy for them. 


  1. Love the dress you wore to the wedding! So pretty!

  2. thanks sweetie! Got it on haute look! I recently got one from Bebe on sale. I can't wait to find an occasion to wear it and show you guys. ^_^