I love Pigeon "鸽子"

One thing i hate about traveling overseas is that my stomach gets unsettle. It takes a long time for me to get use to the surrounding and actually enjoy food. After 2 weeks or so, i was finally able to enjoy the food an atmosphere around me.

This particular meal was one of the most delicious meal of all the meals i had in China. My family and friends always treat me to expensive restaurants and yet i told them i would like to experience the more common street food. After explaining to them several times and realized it's not going to happen, i would have to find it myself if i wanted to experience it. My family in particular consider street food extremely dirty and even if i wanted to, they would not show that side of China to me. They don't want me to judge China based on a small part of the culture.  

Started the day at Swan mall. It's exactly like a western mall with 7 floors. Everything is ridiculously expensive compare to everywhere else.  I wanted to buy a MAC lip gloss, and it was 200 Yuan. That is like $30 something dollars!

However, the mall was extremely beautiful 

I love the stairs. 

My friend Ross who happened to be visiting China as well. 

I hate flash!

Foot Massage is very common in Asia. I guess it's from all the walking! 

Free oranges! 

You can pick from variety of herbs, i select Ginger. 

Getting ready before heading out to dinner. 

Yes i am aware of the mess hehe. 

I really miss my long hair

Lens less frames are extremely popular there. 

My mom's friend

This is a pigeon not a chicken! I know it's huge! 

Since they requested it whole, they gave us gloves to rip it apart! lol

So weird, i couldn't eat anything else with it on. 

This was yummy, don't remember what it was, but had a lot of dry shrimp. 



So delicious! 

no flavor corn... it was chewy.. love chewy!


  1. nice!:) looks like you had fun Janie~ those food made me hungry x3

  2. WOW that mall is so beautiful! it has so many levels! you look so cute too <3

  3. Which part of China did you visit? The mall I went to was similar to that aswell ^____^ haha omg, i love pidgeon.. i actually thought it was originally chicken, then found out it was pidgeon.. XD At least it tasted good.

  4. Thanks loves~ I think there was 7 levels at that mall. I mainly stayed in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. My mandarin is horrible...