Hong Kong from my camera

Did i express enough how much i love Hong Kong? Here are the rest of the pictures of that day from my camera. I really love it there, the weather was absolutely perfect while i visited, especially one this particular day. I feel like Hong Kong was welcoming me and taunting me to move there.

Famous Hong Kong Fish Balls? hehe my cousin said you can't find better tasting fish balls than Hong Kong! I believe her, it was delicious! 


Waiting for them to ring up my shoes. 

I thought it was an interesting design for a bank. 

Busy street

I wanted to go in, but they were being force to move because that is a no parking zone! 

Oh man i could do some major damage to my bank account in there... thank god they hold me back...

Lemon Tea
Love afternoon tea~  I feel so British. ;D

While I was having afternoon tea, he was sleeping hehe. 

My cousin's Husband talking to my boyfriend on the Ipad. 

Tiramisu is one of my most loved desserts. 

Aliens!!! I love them!!

I guess Hong Kong love them too, because there is an whole tree of them! 

So bling, i love it! 

Ohh there they are again! I wish i could of taken one home lol. 

So cute!

Walk of fame? HK?  (Andy Lau) 

I don't know... 

I forgot who's star that is. 

This was so adorable, i had to take a picture!

Cecilia Cheung

I love her, i think she is gorgeous! 

She has small hands...

Jacky Cheung's star

Aaron Kwok

Leon Lai

Starbucks ;P

Fobby pose!

Thanks to my lovely Aunt for showing me around! 


  1. WAHHHHHHHHHH looking at your pictures really makes me miss HK. Especially the infamous HK fish balls OMM NOMMM NOMMMMM!
    Looks & sounds like you had a great time & got to explore a lot !!


  2. Beautiful city!! Photos are super and you look really pretty, as always.

  3. All the food pics look delicious and the little aliens are adorable! Hope you are having fun :)