GEO PRINCESS (Tsubasa Bambi series) | Sesame Grey

I got these lenses when i was in Hong Kong. Honestly I don't really like grey lenses, but i fell in love with them when i saw Eki did a review on them. I was originally going to get a pair of greens, but i was afraid it won't look nice on me. Now i am regretting now getting them. I have 3 pairs of browns from the Mimi line. I have been wearing them, but the colors don't show very well and no one can tell they are from the Tsubasa Bambi series. I still have to open the other 2 pairs of brown to actually decide if i like them or not. So far i really like the sesame grey's effects. As much as i like them, i can't say GEO's comfort level has change for me. I still find them irritating my eyes after a few hours. This only happens with heavy color lenses. For some reason, the browns don't effect me as much. I really wish i got the green ones >.< 


  1. This is a very pretty picture of you!
    I love the lenses :3

  2. i love your RIBBON ring ! i love ribbon damn much..where do u get it ? i hope to get one too..