Hong Kong - I love it here

Since I was young, I've always dreamed of working in Hong Kong or spending sometime living here. Sadly living In Hong Kong is extremely expensive and I don't think I can stop myself from shopping. I can't believe how cute Hong Kong boys are! They are tall and very well mannered.

Maybe i'll meet a nice boy here and stay here for ever? Hehe yea right.


  1. You really make me miss Hong Kong :'( haha I feel the same! I want to live there coz it's so beautiful & lively.. but oh so expensive T.T glad to know you're enjoying yourself Janie! <3

  2. Ahah! I want to work/live in HK after I graduate too ^_^ I think it's the typical chinese girl's dream, everything is just too good on TVB ! But the pics are great; thanks for sharing Janie! <3