Korea pictures: last night there

Hey everyone!

I finally found time to blog. I been in China for the past 2 days now, and using the internet has been one of the most difficult thing to do here. WiFi is not as easily found in China as Korea. Since everything in China is so cheap, we been doing a lot of shopping. The past two days we've been having the best of time doing things that would normally cost 3 times as much in the U.S.

Here are some pictures from our last night in Korea. It was really fun, we met a lot of people who was also from the States and took a lot of pictures. I took a lot of footage. I will try to edit them when we slow down.
This is Vivi's friend Hung, who is stationed in Korea from the U.S Army. 

It was 3am and there were still lots of choices for food. 

this was a random bartender in Korea,  isn't he hot? Vivi requested to take a picture with him so i tagged a long, i'm too shy lol. He was very dreamy. 

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  1. Ah~~. That bartender is gorgeous~. :33 And you and Vivi both look fantastic!

    Glad you've finally found the internet over there. ;P