Frustrated and Feeling Helpless

It's been months since Larry's death and there is still no information on his case. Feeling helpless and frustrated, I decided to write the detective a email.

Dear Detective,

Please excuse my late reply. I have been trying to figure out what and how to reply back to you with. Richard and I have not told mom anything because we really had no information to tell. We were unaware that she would seek outside help to get in contact with you. I understand that there are people dying everyday and that Larry's case is probably not the only case you have on your hands. From an outsider looking into the situation people might think Larry is a bad kid and don't deserve Justice, but I am begging you to please help us because we don't know who else to turn to for help. We came to this country hoping for a better future for our younger ones. Richard and I would sacrifice our future for our brothers. That was an thought we both shared and taken away from. Our parents don't speak an ounce of English, so it was up to us to look after them. We failed at teaching him and protecting him, now we are failing at finding him justice. I don't expect you to understand how we feel or anyone to understand how we feel for that matter, but he was our brother a fact that can't be changed. If justice can be serve to those who has taken someone's possessions, than why can't justice be served to the one who has taken our brother's life. I am not blaming you or discrediting your efforts in this case, but please don't let this be a cold case. Please find the person who took our brother's life away.

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