First stop Korea!

Heading to Korea today. I am at the airport waiting to board my flight to Seattle and meet up with Vivi.

I am really home sick already. I really miss my dog. :( I don't know if i will actually enjoy this trip. I'm glad I have Vivi with me. At least I don't feel so alone. I've been flying by myself since I was little. The experience can be quite scary. Saw my Bestfriend Sommy before I left. She just go back from Seattle. She came to see me before I left, I feel so grateful to have a friend like her.

I will try to write on my blog when ever I get wifi.

One thing I am excited about is discovering new things. I feel like I am traveling for a lot of people and they are depending on me to show them Asia.

Ohhhh I got to go on board now!! Going to Seattle!!

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  1. omg exciting!!! You'll have a blast Janie. Eat alot of the yummy street food. I recommend it! Take lots of pics too... Have a safe trip babe <3