Holika holika Plumping heart

I absolutely love love love this!!!! The Plumping Heart Line is definitely one of my top fav Holika Holika product. The packaging is adorable, and I simply love products that helps slim my face. It comes in a glass bottle, not an cheap plastic, which is always a plus! So, far I like the Lifting Essence the most. No wonder this line is always sold out in Korea. :(

My bf said my face does look slimmer after I started using it. I will do a in-depth review on it, like the smell and texture. I have nothing but good things to say about the 3/5 Plumping Heart Line I tried, but the fact that it's hard to get since it's always sold out in Korea. I am missing the Lifting Cream. For the mask... It's unique, I just look like an idiot when I am wearing it... lol I'll post a picture later. The pink + the glass bottle makes it so luxurious, but believe it or not this is actually one of the more affordable skin care line on Pretty&Cute. With the packaging like that, usually it should be in the high $30s, but we are working with Holika Holika to establish brand identity so market price is decided by us.

Here are some pictures from the past weekend. Vivi took me a long to a concert where she was interviewing the singers and host for Vina TV. I don't know Vietnamese, but I did have a lot of fun backstage. My boyfriend's mom thought it was weird that she ran into me there.

Vivi & I

Cao Ky Duyen and I. Can you see us being business partners? hehe although i didn't understand her when she was MC-ing, but her English is excellent! Had a nice conversation with her backstage and exchanged numbers.

Truc Linh & Truc Lam & I.

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