How I did my makeup today.

First I want to apologize for the picture quality, because It's from my phone. As i was posting pictures up on my facebook, girls were asking about the product I was using in the pictures. Since I also really like how my makeup turned out today, I thought I would write a blog about how I did my makeup and the products I used. 

Face:  FairyDrops Candy Bar bb cream is currently my favorite bb cream because it's light, waterproof, and oil free. It has amazing coverage for how light it is, so I never have to worry about retouching or my makeup is making my face look greasy. I actually used the Lioele 3D Jewel Highlighter, but they decided to re-do it, and the closes thing they have now is the Lioele Jewel Mix Highlighter and the blush  that is came with the 3D highlighter looked similar to the Eyemazing Cheek color Shell Pink, so I liked it as a reference. 

  1.  I apply the bb cream all over my face with my hands.
  2. I used extra product to layer over my freckles
  3. Since the bb cream is a matte finish bb cream I didn't need to apply powder. 
  4. I applied blush on the apples of my cheeks to draw attention to the center of my face. This will divert the attention from how wide my face is.
  5. I then used the Jewel highlighter on my Cheeks, T-zone, and my chin. This will bring out those specific features so It looks more 3D in pictures.
Eyes: The eyes were very simple. Neutral colors looks more flattering to my pale skin complexion, and I used eyeliner to draw in my crease to make it more noticeable. I applied Mascara on before applying false lashes, so I can avoid ruining them. This also allows me to get all my lashes up, so it blends evenly with my falsies. The 120 Demi is a very natural look lash, blends easily and gives a very non-overwhelming dolly appearance.  I also used the Lioele Artist auto brow as a bit of a contour on my nose. This provides a more natural shadow because it's same shade as my eyebrows but lighter.

Lips: The TonyMoly Bunny Gloss #6 is a beautiful medium pink color gloss, which complimented the blush I chosed beautifully. The only problem was, it wasn't as shiny as normal glosses, because it's in a stick form. It's more like a color lip balm. I applied EYEMAZING lip gloss milky pink over it to give it a shine. I love the eyemazing gloss by itself, but it was too light for the look I was going for. If i wanted more of a nude lips look, I would wear it by itself.

I hope this helps<3 


  1. This look is gorgeous! Love the healthy glow!

  2. I have a few questions about the Fairydrops BB Cream:

    Can you achieve full coverage with this BB cream?
    What is the lasting power of it?