Hanskin New Skin Care Line

A couple weeks ago Hanskin send me their newest skin care line for review. I was a big fan of Hanskin Super Plus Perfect BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ for a very long time until I discovered Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream. I love the coverage the Hanskin BB cream gave me, but FairyDrops won me over because of it's oil free and waterproof formula.

I always consider Hanskin a very reputable brand. I was excited when I received a full size of their new skin care line for review. I love how they kept the packaging white, which made it professional and appealing to women my age who is a bit more serious when it comes to our skin. When a women is getting close to their 30's they start to worry about winkles and all the flaws aging brings. So, whenever there is a product that claims it can help me keep my youth, I never hesitate to try.

They send me 4 products, and so far I am in love with 2. I usually don't write reviews this early for a product I just started using, but they literally made me feel like the product was created just for me. The product you see on your left here is call the Hyauron skin Lotion. It's an intensive moisturizing lotion which contains no perfumes, dyes, alcohol, or oil. When I first saw the product, I had to look at it again, because it didn't look like an lotion at all. At first, I thought it was a toner, because the texture kind of feels like the Naruko Total Defense Night Repairing Dew. After reading the product description, it's indeed a moisturizing lotion.

I have oily base skin. That is why I can't use foundation or regular lotion that is formulated with oil. I even break out when I use Bio-Oil, which works for a lot of people. I find that only oil free product can keep my face acne free. So my night and morning facial routine consist a lot of water base skin products.

I use this product in the morning and night. One of the biggest problem for me using moisturizers at night is that it tends to get wiped off on my pillows. With the Hyauron I didn't have to worry about that, because once It absorbs into my skin, I can't feel it anymore. All I feel when I swipe my finger across my face is softness. It was just the thing I needed to complete my nightly routine.

The second product I am in love with is The Super Collagen Gel.  it was formulated with four types of collagen, it highly moisturizes the skin and restores the skin's barrier to it's elasticity. It states, continuous usage of this product will dramatically improves skin health and appearance, reversing signs of skin aging. Recommended for dry and aging skin types. 

I love collagen products, especially in Gel form. I find it's firming effect really noticeable and fast. Nano 3 has been a Key ingredient I been seeing in a lot of Korean Anti-Aging products, so I was already very fascinated by this product when I read the name. The gel form collagen cream is also very light in oil. I use this product at night, because it softens and smooths my chin area, which is the roughest part of my face.  

The last couple of months has been brutal when it comes to my skin. I have yet to recover from lack of sleep and nutrition from not eating. The amount of stress I have put on my body really shows through my skin. I am very grateful that I received these products when my skin is at it's worst, because it allows me to how fast it actually works. I can't say my skin is 100% healed, but it's definitely a lot better than it was 2 weeks ago.  

I have not had the chance to use the other two products yet, because I don't want to use too many products at once, which I would get confused on which product actually works and which product doesn't. So far I really like the two I am using now, so it might be awhile until I decide to put my skin to test again. 

For most of my readers, they might consider Hanskin an expensive brand, but if you looking to buy a product to better your skin, especially your face, you really include pricing as a con. To me, Hanskin is a mid-range price product. Most of the Hanskin product's I've used and seen are around $30-$50, which is not bad at all. Currently I only saw Yesstyle, carrying them, but I we now have it at P&C.


  1. thanks for the awesome review janie!!! :)
    this will def be a brand I have to check out in the future <3

  2. I'm crossing ym fingers that I'll have a job by then so I can buy some of that moisturizer from P&C. o: I, too, try and avoid oily stuff, as my own skin gets preettyy oily already. @_@

    Glad these products are wowing you so far. :33

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