Mini Gap Esthetic Germanium Face Roller

I've always wanted one of these. When I saw Danceandmelodee used it in her video I asked her to get me one when she was visiting Japan. She was nice enough to send me one. I loved so much I decide to bring it to P&C! Have you seen Germanium before? They usually come in a form of a bracelet or a necklace to help get rid of toxins from our body. Japan has recently redesign the use of Germanium for beauty use as well as health improvements. With the combination of Germanium and aluminum, they were able to create an face roller that can reduce swelling, fine lines, fatty build up, and impurities from the face. This new generation of face roller is more effective than the traditional face roller which only push and massage the face area.

The Mini Gap Esthetic Germanium Face roller is made with 99% Germanium, strategically placed on an aluminum alloy roller. With its portable size, it's easy to navigate on any facial features. You only need to use it for 3-5 minutes a day to reap the benefits, but the more you use the faster the result!.

Germanium is commonly contained in the coal and plants that grows in the soil, such as Korean ginseng, aloe, and garlic. The human body has a subtle flow of electric current called bioelectric current. Healthy condition has positive and negative current in balance. Ultraviolet light and stress cause the current off balance and reduce negative electron and increase positive electron. It causes stiff neck, headache, shivers and others. Germanium has a nature in which if it reaches to approximately 30 degree Celsius, it balances out the bioelectric current and conditions the skin. It changes congealed blood cell, sludgy blood, back to smooth and promotes blood circulation.

Health Benefits:

  • Germanium has function to adjust abnormal electricity of human body.
  • Accelerate blood circulation, reduce fatigue.
  • Germanium has medicinal healthy function, strengthen natural treatment ability, improve the general health, prevent aging, defend cancer, eliminate tumor, liver disease, asthma, adjust blood pressure, exclude toxin from body, autonomic nervous disorders and such chronic diseases.

Only real Germanium will provide these benefits. Germanium is rare and valuable. Our product is directly shipped from manufacture with documentation on Germanium used. 

How to Use:

  • Face and neck: rolling along face and neck in upward and downward direction.
  • Eyes: start from under the eye and follow the structure. Beside the eye, focus on crow's feet moving in an up-and-down motion.
  • Nose Slimming: Massage on the side of your nose where the nose tip is located, than slowly move upward to reduce swelling and fat from nose area. By reducing the unwanted fat, it will make our nose look slimmer and taller. 
  • Forehead: roll in an upward and downward motion. Move across the forehead using the same movements.
  • Smile line: roll in an upward and downward motion. Move across the forehead using the same movements.
  • Neck: start from the base of the neck and move upward towards the jaw line. Repeat the same motion all over the neck.
  • Eliminate puffiness: roll in an upward and downward motion all over the face. Use it three times a day for three minutes each to see not only anti-aging benefits but also health benefits.
  • You can roll the beauty roller gently while enjoying TV and music, bathing, make the facial beautification come true, you can use the beauty roller when bathing.


  1. you're so pretty! i just started following your blog and i love all your reviews! your face looks flawless everytime. what lenses are you wearing here?

  2. can't believe just that stick has lot of health benefits to it

  3. @Lori, thank you for the support and the compliment ^_^. The lens I was wearing in the pictures were EOS G-202.

    @Cydia, It's not the stick. It's those three little balls that is magical. My mom use to make me wear those bracelets and I thought they were extremely ugly lol. However, the do cost a lot. The more Germanium it contains the more expensive they are. I like the Mini's because It's easier to use them around the nose area and under the eyes and stuff. The bigger ones are hard to target those specific areas and don't have as good of "Contouring" effect. Also I couldn't resist how cute they were lol.

  4. i wanna get the pink one o__o so cuteee!

  5. did you see any results in the slimming of the face?

  6. Yes I did! my god, you should see how big my face was before.

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  9. hey janie will this be in stock again?
    and what I noticed is that in the picture the face roller have a liitle bit of a bulge but in 'your' picture it's flat?
    could you please reply?:
    I often order @ prettyandcute, I'm now waiting for these ^^ but the bulge thing confused me a little bit.
    xoxo michelle

    1. The one I have is different from the mini ones. The one I have is a medium size. We are out of stock on those. The mini ones are convenient, but effects are not as good as the bigger one. Here is the link to the bigger size. The more germanium the better the result.

    2. o ok thnx for the info and replying ^^