Lioele 3D Lifting Mask Review

The past 2 months has been one of the most devastating periods of my life. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. There were times I would wonder if I will ever be me again. Luckily, I have some of the greatest people in this world as friends. When I'm scared, they would stay with me. When I can't sleep, they would stay up with me. When I refuse to eat, they bring me food and encourage me to eat. I can't ask for better friends. Thank you so much ladies  for helping me find my way. 

Because of my Larry's death, I shed a lot of tears. Because of lack of sleep and crying, my face was very puffy and swollen. As an attempt to bring my spirit back up, the girls and I planned a spa night. We each picked our favorite mask and spend the night at a hotel. Because my face was so swollen, I chosen the Lioele 3D Lifting Mask. 

When I first used the mask I was very confused. It wasn't like a traditional mask. I didn't expect it to be really "3D." I knew the mask covers the neck, but I didn't know it was folded in the middle so it fits evenly onto the face. 

Here is a picture of me using a traditional mask which you can see
there are areas the mask doesn't touch, so that part of my face didn't get as
much benefit as the areas the mask touches.

Here is a picture of me with the Lioele 3D Lifting Mask. You can see that it covers all areas of my face  perfectly

See the fold?  That is what makes it 3D! hehe
I really like the mask. My face did slim down a lot after using it just one time. My friends said the My Beauty Diary Luxury series is also folded to fit the face, so I am assuming the higher quality of the mask the better the sheet is used.

I can't say my face slimmed down solely because of the Lioele 3D Lifting Mask, but it did work instantly, and I am glad I didn't look like I was so beaten up when I came back to work.

Julie (PDXbeautiful) - http://www.youtube.com/pdxbeautiful
stopped by to see me. Thank god my face was some what recovered, but my eyes are still pretty swollen.
Thanks for not Judging me Julie. =)

I almost forgot! This is my best friend Sommany. She will be in some of my future videos. Isn't she gorgeous? I learned a lot about makeup from her! 

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