Let Our Lost Be Your Awakening

I have never introduced you to my little brother........... Larry is the younger brother of my boyfriend of 8 years. I met Larry when he was only 10.  He was a sweet kid who reminded a lot of my own brother. I immediately bonded with Larry, and took the role of his older sister.  Larry is a very smart kid, he learns quick and never needed me to say too much of what I wanted done and still get it right. Just a month ago, I attended his high school graduation. As he accepted his diploma tears would come down my eyes. I was so proud of him. He waves to us from his seat and gave us an unforgettable smile. A smile i would never forget. 

Larry  was known as the guy who always had a smile on his face. Eager to help and be there for his friends and consider his friends a part of his family. He was a smart and ambitious young man, who wanted to go out into the world and start making money to help his family. He graduated in 2011 and had plans to attended PSU when the school term starts. He wanted to major in business Administration for he has a strong interest in the business world.
As part of his graduation present his brother and I took him to California Adventures. We were able to meet his favorite youtube personality TimothyDelaghetto and was lucky enough to be filmed in his vlog. 

 On July, 20th, 2011, Larry was taken away from his chance in life. His death devastated friends, family, and everyone who knew him. On July 21st a candle lighting ceremony dedicated to him, where more than 300 hundred people attended. With sadness and confusion, as one we coped with his death.

Every person is someone's child. Every life is priceless. Let go of the hate, let go of the blame, let go of this cruel cycle, and get out of the game before it's too late. How many more homies you got to lose before you finally wake up?

The fact is, no tears, no hate, no songs, or r.i.p tattoos will ever bring him back. The only way to show that you value him is not let this happen to yourself or anymore of your friends. Our lost should be an eye opener for everyone. Ask yourself, how good of a friend was Larry to you if his death is not enough for you to change your ways and evaluate the friends and choices you are making?

Your life is worth more than just a short high or a tough appearance. Are you confident that your actions won't lead you to someone who can possibly bring danger to your family's life? "I don't give a f*ck" is so easily said, but what about for the people who loves you? Have you thought about how it will effect them? If not for Larry, do it for the younger kids who looks up to you. Live and be a role model to someone that Larry could of been and didn't get the chance to be.

Say no to drugs, Violence, and use your experience to make a difference.

For you Larry, I know you would want a better out comes for your friends.
R.I.P  (Your Fan page will continue to grow.) 


  1. I am very sorry Janie for your loss...plmk if you need anything!

  2. This really makes me sad =[ even though I don't know him, but reading these things really bring tears to my eyes. I sincerely wish him happiness in heaven.

  3. I'm so sorry that such a tragic event happened to you and i give you my condolences. I hope that everyone who knew him will be alright and that his memory is kept alive in everyone who knew him.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. Very sorry for your loss :(

  6. My deepest condolences to you and their family. Sorry to hear about your loss... may all prayers be with the family.

    X-oxo Duacee Lor