It's my first year attending IMATS. I was very nervous. Got to meet some really cool people and finally met some of the girls I've talk to everyday . I got there pretty late, so a lot of the popular gurus were already surrounded by fans. I got a chance to talk to a couple of vendors at IMATS and we might possibly carry their stuff. I still have to look into it. Here are some pictures from IMATS.

Ohh and I also got a chance to meet TimothyDelaghetto. He is so funny!


  1. How cool!! I was there too! But, I'm sad I didn't get to meet you and the other youtubers! =( But you are beautiful and love the pictures! Thanks for sharing love!

  2. Wow-- I really like your hair colour. o: <3 And of course, your makeup is great, like always.

    I can imagine being nervouse your 1st time going to IMATS. I think I'm nervous just thinking about it. xD