Fairy Drop Review

Did you know Fairy Drops makes other products other than mascara?  They do! Fairy Drops cosmetic line was created by a news caster called Mayumi Yasutomo.  

I was very excited when the products came in. I love the concept behind the it. I haven't had much luck when it comes to using Japanese BB cream, but i had high hopes for this one. 

At first i thought the bb cream was a stick, because form the picture it didn't look like any bb cream I've used. 

After opening it i realize it was a bb cream just came with a sponge. 

You can use the sponge to apply the bb cream or use it the traditional way which is by applying with your hands. 

It is a very light bb cream, but yet gives amazing coverage. I am using the Light Orchre, but as you can see it's a tab bit dark for me. It also has a yellow tone, it's great for blending with scars & freckles. 

I love the fact that it's oil free and waterproof. Not a lot of bb cream that is waterproof has this good of coverage. 

It gives a flawless matte finish. No glow, no shine, just the way I like it.

The mineral powder packaging looks like the lioele cousin touch blusher

It's very pretty

It also comes with a sponge

I am not use to using a sponge for my mineral powder, so I used my own brush to buff it on.
You don't have to use the sponge if you don't want to, you can take it off easily.

It's very smooth. Strong Vanilla scent.  It's almost too strong when you are putting it on. I think it's because the powders are flying everywhere. However, after awhile the scent goes away

This is the Jelly Gloss. I picked the Beige color. The color shows up really well. Its like a concealer for me. My favorite glosses are still the Lioele blooming gloss, I will have to wear this one for awhile to see.


  1. ooooooooH it looks olive undertone enough for my skin tone lol... ugh now i wanna try that bb cream since its so hard to find a right one for me ><

  2. cool!! i love the fairydrops mascara but the color for the foundation/bb cream looks a little too dark for me :( thanks for the post though, loved the photos!

  3. aah I'd love to get that BB Cream.. But it looks like it's wayyy to yellow and dark for me ._.