Sprooshop.com & Sephora Haul

Sorry for the lack of Video & blogpost! Work is getting more and more busy, so it's hard for me to find time to do a video. It amazes me that you guys would still watch my videos. I am deeply humbled and extremely honored and grateful for everyone's support. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you

I want to say Thank You to Melissa from sprooshop for sending me all these cute accessories. Thank you for offering my viewers discount. On behalf of my viewers, Thank you. 

5% percent off use code "Janie5"
Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sproos-Shop/166807333373500

"I believe that everyone has their own definition of what makes them happy and how they feel about themselves. If it makes you happy and it doesn't hurt others, what other's think doesn't matter. Happiness and confidence is felt by you, don't let anyone defined it for you. In the end you are the one who is living your life. Only how you feel and what you see matters."

Disclaimer: I am not affiliate with the companies above. I don't get paid for doing reviews. I am flattered Sprooshop sent me these cute accessories for review. The least I can do is make a video on how i feel about them. Like always, my reviews are my honest opinions. I don't do review videos for just anyone or any product. I don't have the time.


  1. Oh Janie! ^.^ You're so pretty..I'm really envious of your hair...so sleek.

  2. adorable!!! :) love it!


  3. As always-- lookin' good. :] (That headband's adorable~~!)

    And congrats on the abundance of business.