Pirates of the Caribbean OPI COLLECTION: Sparrow Me The Drama & Silver Shatter

Out of all the Shatters, I like the Silver one the most. Maybe it's because of the bling. ^_^

Here are some pictures of me wearing Sparrow Me The Drama and the Silver Shatter. 


  1. i have silver shatter too~~~and the blue and black shatter~~~they are sooo pretty, and i luv that pastel pink~~~


  2. The colors are beautiful on your nails, I'll have to stopped by at my local Ulta store to check them out. Thank you for sharing and you have such beautiful nails as well!

  3. I always though Sparrow Me the Drama was a brighter pink but it looks a lot lighter in your photos. I also love how it paired so nicely with the silver shatter. I'm adoring the silver shatter a lot, it's a nice subtle crack with a few glitters here and there to make a creamy pastel color shine.

  4. these nails are soo cute and sexy. i love the silver shatter ontop of the baby pink.