Love Package from Alina

In life, you will meet and greet a lot of different people, but if you are lucky, a handful of those people will make a lasting impression on you. Alina is one of those people who made a lasting impression on me. Alina is a customer of mine. She has supported me since I've first started P&C. A couple of months ago, Alina visited Oregon. She have heard we opened a physical store. She had a tight schedule, but yet made it a priority to visit our shop before she leaves. 

My first impression of Alina was that she was amazingly beautiful. Tall, slim, and with a beautiful smile. I warmly greeted her and showed her around the shop. We spoke of makeup to computers, and eateries around L.A. Alina was accompanied by her sweet boyfriend Paul, who was just the nicest guy you can ever meet. Around that time we were about to go to L.A for our business trip. We casually asked if there were any good eateries they can recommend us in L.A. (Paul was from L.A) Paul quickly put on his thinking cap and wrote down a list of restaurants for us to visit.  Not only did they recommend us to some amazing restaurants, Alina went above and beyond and send the list to me again on facebook just in case we can't read Paul's handwriting. 

A couple of days ago, Alina messaged me. She wanted to know if it's okay if she sends me a package. I am not use to people sending me stuff. I feel extremely bad every time someone offers. I attempted to decline, but she insisted. She wanted to send me something to cheer me up, because she can tell by my updates that I been pretty stressed out.  Her packaged came today along with a super sweet note. 

When you meet as much people as I do, sometimes you will encounter people who are not as nice. Often times it seems like you meet more crummy people than good people. I am lucky to be able to add one more to my list of good people I've met in my life. Thank you Alina. <3


  1. What color eyeshadow is that? O_O" It's GORGEOUS! Electric Eel? Clarity? Freshwater?

  2. I believe it was "Zingy"
    It's one of my favorites and I thought it will look beautiful on Janie :3

  3. that's so nice of her :) selfless and thoughtful friends like that are so rare, it's always nice to hear about people like that <3

  4. Those are some really nice gifts from her but what really matters most was her sweet though! What a true friend!