Cupcake Jones

Oregon is not a known tourist attraction for food, but once in awhile you will find a place that is so unique, it's worth blogging about.  About a month ago, I tweeted that it was my dog's birthday, and I wanted to do something special for him. A couple of local friends suggested me to visit Cupcake Jones. It's a bakery located in Downtown portland that sales cupcakes for humans and their K9 friends.

At first, I thought it was a specialty shop for dogs, but after I got there I realize it's an actual cupcake shop. The doggy cupcakes were just an added bonus.  When I first arrived, I notice the bowl of water outside of their door for dogs who needed a little water break when passing by. I love shops that are considerate of pets. It made the shop welcoming and easy for dog lovers to warm up to. They have a special flavor every day, so if I want to taste other flavors, I must visit again. ^_^   I got 4 mini cupcakes for Butters, and 2 dozen for my family and I. My Favorite cupcake from there is the Red Velvet cupcake. It's so creamy and topped off with an edible rose petal. You can order regular size cupcakes or mini cupcakes. I personally  like the mini cupcakes because It allows me to taste more flavors without getting full.

Needless to say, Butters and I were very satisfied with the yummy cupcakes, and will probably visit quite often. Checkout Cupcake Jones when you visit Oregon. ^_^


  1. the cupcake looks so good and cute~~~~

    that's cute that the shop is pet friendly environment and food wise =]

  2. Oh man--- very tempting to lick my laptop monitor and hope the cupcake taste comes through somehow. ; 3; They all look SO good~. And it's really awesome that they do cupcakes for pooches, too. <33

    My dog would definitely LOVE if we took a roadtrip there. Haha.

    And on another note-- Butters is so cuuuteee~~.

  3. lol thanks girls! Yes! It's so hard to find a place for pet owners to take their pets to. I hate leaving him in the car. Noxin if you come to Oregon lol I'll buy you cupcakes!