Best BB cream for Summer

It's no secret that Summer is the most popular season. There is simply more to do when the sun is out. Summer only last a couple of months and in some area only a couple of weeks. We tend to look forward to summer, but often times we miss it so much, we forget the things we don't like about summer.

I love summer just as much as the next person, but there is one thing I don't like about summer and that is sweating. Sweating can be a big problem for girls. Especially when we have makeup on. Sweat can cause streaks and cause our skin to look oily. It forces us to re-touch more often to keep our makeup looking fresh. Sweat is simply a girl's inconvenience.

It's not until lately I started to enjoy summer more. I no longer have to worry about sweat or my makeup getting rubbed off. I rely a lot on my bb creams, not just for coverage, but also for sun protection.  I have a lot of bb cream, but for summer I always use a Water Drop BB cream.

I have 3 types of Water Drop BB cream. Lioele, Skin 79, and Dr.Jart. I personally really like the Lioele Water Drop BB cream because of its high SPF and it's also water proof.  I can wear it to the beach and even do a high intensity activity without having to worry about my coverage getting streaks or washed off. It allows me to enjoy summer without exposing my skin unprotected and without any coverage.

All 3 Water drop bb cream are made with a water base. Just like the Lioele V-line Sleeping Pack, it creates little water drops that adds moisture into our skin. Although, water base bb cream only provide a sheer coverage due to its light weight formula, it does its purpose by evening out skin tone and hiding blemishes.

Lioele Water Drop BB cream. It is more of a yellowish base. 

Yellow tone is great for balancing out redness.

Glides on smoothly

Creates Water drop when blended

Great coverage on redness 

Left hand with BB cream. Right hand without. It made my skin color less red and with a matte non-greasy finish. 

You can see the sparkles in the cream even before you blend it out.

It creates tiny white water drops to brighten skin. Once blend it, it will have a diamond like sparkle effect. Giving the skin a radiant glow.

Greyish tint base, with dew drop to give dewy effect on skin.

A heavier coverage out of all 3 bb cream. Perfect for dewy effect lovers. It helps retain moisture. 


  1. great review~~~~i dont own any water drop BBs, but i'll sure to look for it for summer is almost here in canada~~~`


  2. I have dry skin so i should really try a waterdrop bb cream.
    The lioele one looks the most natural since it has a yellow tone. I Have a dr.jart bb cream but the grey-ish tone puts me off ><

  3. Yes~ the only thing i don't like about Dr.Jart is the greyish tone. I have the Dr.Jart silver, and it always makes my face look too grey. It does have really good coverage, but it's on the thicker side. Not one of my favorite bb creams.