Facebook Fan Page

I decided to create a fan page after all. My facebook account was getting pretty crowed. This gives me a chance to clean it up a bit and an excuse to feel special for having a fan page lol.

I am very flattered that there are a small group of people out there who are interested in my updates. Either they are genuinely interested in me or simply waiting for me to do something wrong, I am utterly flattered by the attention.

I will no longer be accepting any more request on my personal facebook unless I've met you. Please don't take it personally or be upset if I don't approve you. You won't be missing much since I won't be updating as much on it as I will be on the fan page.

You can find the Link to my fan page on the right hand menu where it said's facebook or you can click here. Please

The picture on the left is a picture of  Vivi and I when she came to visit me before I went to LA. Sweet and beautiful Vivi often comes visit me at the shop. When she does visit, the shop becomes our own personal playground. I have a lot of fun every time she visits, not to mention we usually exhaust both of our camera's battery by taking so many pictures.  Either way I love her very much. Thank you Vivi for being such a sweetheart and good friend. <3


  1. Just wanted to let you know that your facebook link on the right sidebar doesn't work..
    ^ this is the correct link XD cause I did a little facebook search myself. MWAHAHA