New Glamour Lash #055

I always avoided Half lashes because they either make my eyes look too droopy or make my eyes look too wide. However my customers really seem to like these kinds of lashes, so i wanted to give them another try and hopefully find away to make them look right on me. As i was putting them on i finally put them on in away that fits my profile.

Instead of placing the lash all the way to the corner of my eyes which can make it look droopy, i decided to place it in the middle. I love lashes that can make my eyes look rounder which allows the audience to focus more to the highest point of my eyes which is the middle.

To my surprise they fit perfectly without looking awkward. I extended my eyes out with eyeliner just a bit more emphasizing my eyes shape. This made my lashes look long and more natural without looking too heavy on the outer eyes. Of course you can move them to where ever you please, but I find it unpleasing to my eyes when there is more lashes in one corner and the other look a bit naked. To those who have a very full set of lashes probably don't have this problem.

I realize not everything works for everyone, especially False eyelashes. I often have to cut them, bend them, and move them around to make them fit. Lashes are my obsession. I can live without foundation, eyeliner, mascara, or even blush, but whatever you do, don't take away my lashes. 


  1. Yes! I"m first!!

    Lashes! I love lashes! They are the soul to any eyes.

  2. Wow the lashes and your circle lens is so pretty !!