Helping When knowing help is needed

I am ashamed to say I have never donated to the American Red Cross before. Growing up donating was never an option, but now that I have the ability to I would like to help. The last couple of days we have all been following the news of the devastation that is happening Japan. Living across the sea watching the news, I can only imagine how the people in Japan are feeling. We all need help one way or another. When the event is not happening to us personally, we can never experience the need. I know there are a lot of people out there who is like the younger me, who wants to help but unable to. Words are sometimes louder then actions. If you can't spare $10 dollars, speak out. Ask someone who can.

Help when you have the ability to help, receive help when you need help. Not everyone is fortunate enough to receive help. Be thankful we are not the one who is asking for help, and take the blessing to be a helper to others. We can only hope for someone will be kind enough to be a helper to us when we need.

American red cross:

God bless those who are willing to help and show other compassion when they needed the most. 


  1. I've just donated to the First Hawaiian Bank Hawaii-Japan Relief Fund.

  2. Bless you Beth~ you are one of the kindest person I know!