Crystal Essence -

My friend Susanna made me this beautiful Necklace. I feel like a princess when I am wearing this. Even my boyfriend complimented it on me. Thank you so much Susanna!

My little Family! 
Thank you so much Susanna, your handcrafted gift made me feel so special. There are people out there who is constantly trying to bring me down, but it is so confirming to know majority of the people I meet are as nice and kind as you. Susanna designed the Necklace from her impression of me. Please checkout her website and take a look at her beautiful work.


  1. gosh I want your necklace janie!^o^

  2. Talk to Susanna! maybe she can design something for you. ^_^

  3. Oh my gosh that is such a pretty necklace! I absolutely adore the key, it's like no other I have seen before <3 I just noticed that you're following my blog, thanks heaps :)

  4. Oh woooww~. o.o That is , literally, one of the prettiest pendants I have ever seen. <33