Diamond Series Pink - GEO WT-B37 review

Style: 10/10
Color: 8/10
Enlargement effect: 10/10
Comfort: 8/10

It has been awhile since i  did a lens review.  I feel like I am slowly growing out of the circle lens trend.  Pink has a similar shade to brown in my eyes. It's not actually pink, but a faint reddish brown. Of course if you look closely you can see the pink. If you saw me walking down the street, you probably won't notice I am wearing pink lenses.

Indoor lighting

I think I've exhausted my love for regular size circle lens. The 14mm lenses just doesn't give me the effect I want. Ever since they came out with bigger lenses the 14mm lenses just don't look the same anymore. I use to love my angel browns, but when I have them on, I look like i don't even have lenses on.  I only wear 14.5-15mm lenses now.

dim lighting

Geo came out with new series of lenses months ago, but i never got enough interest to open a pair for myself. The first pair out of all their new lenses that interest me are the diamond series pink. I love pink and I love diamond. I knew they were going to be my new favorite pair of lenses. I wanted lenses that gives me a hint of sparkle, which they delivered. They are very glossy as well. You can see the reflection of my webcam through them. The only downside to these beautiful lenses are they don't come in prescription. My prescription is only -1.75, and I hardly wear lenses to see. I like plano lenses because I can simply put on my glasses if I need to see something far away. I get headaches from staring at the computer screen with prescription lenses on. However, if i was to be away from the office, I do wish they came in prescription.

See doesn't it look kinda brown from afar? 

The comfort level for these lenses are better then I expected. I give it 8/10 for the 4 hours I had them on. I imagine them to be quite uncomfortable due to the high sparkles. The last pair of lenses that gave me the sparkle halo effect were the Nudy series and those are unbelievably uncomfortable.  I knocked two points off because of the size of the lens. 15mm lenses can't be good for the eyes in the long run. I plan to wear them for 2-3 more hours. If it doesn't dry out, I will give it an extra point.

When i was at the optometrist two weeks ago, he told me that the only way for me to get an infection from circle lenses were if I don't take them out after a long period of time. He told me that our tear is what makes the lenses dirty. Our tears are filthy and we need to disinfect our lenses after it has been worn. Since circle lenses are yearly lenses which he was very adamant that I throw them out after two weeks, we need to be even more careful with them when it comes to disinfecting. Make sure you get a good multi-purpose solution. Don't get health care items based on price. You get what you paid for.

For lenses drying in your eyes, make sure you have a good eye drop for CONTACT LENS.  A lot of people make the mistake of using any kind of eye drop for eye dryness, including myself. Regular eye drop will ruin your lenses. I made that mistake many times and wonder why myself feel funny or looks blurry. Do not use regular eye drop made for eyes only with your contact lenses. 

Natural light

Overall I really like these lenses. They make me feel confident. The size of the lens pushes my eyelid up a little bit causing my crease to be a little higher, which is what i look for in lenses these days. I put on a short length eyelashes making my eyes look even bigger. The longer lashes will hide my crease and over power my eyes making it look smaller. Beauty is about discovering what works best for your own individual features. What works for someone else might not work for you. Explore the world of makeup and see what kind of discoveries you make. 


  1. wow, they're beautiful Janie! ^^
    i need to get myself a pair xD

  2. I love those! I'd get a pair if they came in prescription as well. My eyes aren't too bad but the last time I got plano ones ( not sure if its just me ) I got major BLURRED vision. Has anyone else gotten that before? I am not sure why. :(

  3. They're so pretty!! I love the subtle color of the lens! Except I'm faaar from plano...more rx!! xD

  4. they look really pretty on you~
    i see the sparkle you're talking about!!!

  5. it looks veryyyy pretty on you =D

  6. It looks very nice on you! :D But you're always beautiful anyway. :)

  7. Janie! You are too gorgeous. Those lenses are crazy cool!! Sparkles are the best. :)

  8. lovely I want that circle lenses now!:D thanks for the review janie!^^

  9. thanks guys! I think these are one of my favs for the whole Geo lenses.

  10. hmm so do we have to throw them away after two weeks or one year?

  11. Circle lens are yearly lenses, but optometrist say its safer to re-new them every 2 weeks.

  12. Huh- the bigger lenses definitely suit you. : D

    And pink really brings out the softness in your features- nice colour~.

  13. janie, what eye drop do you recommend?

  14. OPTI-FREE replenish has a eye drop. I really like their solution. I think the eye drop would be promising as well.

  15. Hello, is it alright if I repost one of your pictures for the diamond pink? I couldn't find another nicer pic of that! id credit ya on the post of course! =D