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I'm not much of a donut eater, but sometimes I do crave it. My favorite donuts are jelly filled ones. It reminds me of a jelly sandwich but more petite. It also helps me justified that it's not really a donut since 45% of it is jelly.

When I was working at McCall, the owners would bring in these mini filled donuts that would make my taste buds tingle. Now that I no long work for them, I don't get the luxury of free donuts. I never paid attention to the box the donuts came in and never thought I would visit the shop. I simply enjoyed the free donuts provided to me.

A couple weeks ago my craving for these donuts became obsessive. I would visit the local donut shops hoping to find the mini filled donuts I loved. Every donut shop had jelly filled donuts, but not mini ones. The difference between the big ones and mini ones is the mini donuts actually melts in your mouth. I finally realize that these mini donuts I love so much is probably a specialty item. I went on the Internet and google it.

A couple of places came up in the search, but Sesame donuts was the only one that had a website. The website really helped jogged memory of what the box looked like. I was very excited until i notice they are only in the Beaverton/Tigard area. The commute for them might be a little too far for me. They are open from 7 in the morning to 5pm at night. That means if I want donuts, I better get up early. It's about a 40 minute drive from my house to there, hardly the motivation for me to get up in the morning.

I been bummed out for a week or so not building enough motivation to go. My bf decided to take me. He said it will be okay, kind of like taking a early lunch. I thought to myself that doesn't sound that bad if you put it that way. It would of worked out, but sadly it took us an hour to find it.

After arriving the whole hour seemed to be worth it. The accomplishment of doing something you want to do is very fulfilling. The donuts are as good as I remembered but no longer free. You get 15 mini jelly filled donuts for $1.45. The prices were quite reasonable. I personally think it's a better deal then getting a regular size donut. A side from the wonderful tasting donuts, I was fairly disappointed by their customer service.

While I was in line, a young man was in front of us. He asked the server who was an older lady, how many Donuts came in half a dozen? The lady rolled her eyes and said 6. Granted it was a silly question, but her job is to serve customers and answer whatever questions they have. I was not pleased with her. When we got to her my bf asked "what are there most popular donut." She replied "they are all popular, people ask me every day and that is what I tell them." I immediately had the urge to walk out the door and drop the idea of eating donuts. If we didn't waste an whole hour looking for this place that is exactly what I would of done.

This really opened my eyes on how a business can have the best product, but if the customer service is bad, nothing would matter.

I honestly believe Sesame Donuts has some of the best donuts in town, but they really need to work on their customer service. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

**Their main location opens 24 hours. I read it wrong. 
      6990 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.
      Portland, OR 97225
     Tel: (503) 297-8175
     Fax: (503) 297-1029

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