Dying my hair with Beautylabo Bubble Whip Hair Color Milky Beige

Before I dyed my hair
After I dyed it.

One thing I do hate about dying my hair is that after i do it once, i have to continue doing it. After color has been in your hair for so long, the color turns dull, and you have to re-dye it. As much as I dislike dying my hair, I think i am addicted to foam hair dyes. I think they are much easier to work with. The Beautylabo had more product than the Prettia and the Palty. I thought i would need two since my hair is pretty long, but i end up having some left over at the end.

My hair was pretty damaged after it was done, I think the blow drying really hurt my hair, but my roots were really dark, so i had to do something to get it lighter. It was either using a blow dryer or tin foiling it for two hours.

I used the conditioner it came with and left it in my hair for 10 minutes. I used warm water to rinse the dye. Washed it with shampoo, and then use really hot water for the ends to open up the follicles. After letting conditioner sit in my hair for 10 minutes, I rinsed it out with Cold water to seal the hair follicles.

After the condition my hair feels pretty soft. I like the overall outcome. There was no way I can get my root as light as my ends without using bleach. The outcome came out better than i expected.  If you only have one color in your hair, I think you would like this dye.


  1. I like the outcome of the color <3

  2. nice packaging and the color turned nicely on u :)

  3. looks pretty nice, need to get myself that hair color haha

  4. Really pretty but are you ever going to restock this color on your website?