Taiwanese Shimmer Sticks

Taiwanese Shimmer sticks was once a very popular cosmetic item suitable for girls of all ages. Their pigmented cream color sparked the Ulzzang trend. The white color was increasingly popular due to it's shimmering effect that gives the dolly eye look.

I have to admit, i haven't touched a shimmering stick in ages. As i prepare the shop for grand opening, I took one of each color out as display and sample for my customers. It has been so long since I've used them, i forgot what they were like.

I remember once Jen (frmheadtotoe) have asked me about them and stated she really like them do to their pigmented consistency. She asked if I ever use them as a eyeshadow base, because they really bring out the colors of the shadow you pack on top. At the time i only use the white one for highlighting and under my eyes, and didn't really pay attention to all the other colors. Last night i decided to test them out again. As you can see in my picture, the pigment of the colors are very bright. I love how the colors turned out even on a cell phone camera. Besides the incredibly fragile cap, these shimmer sticks are a good tool to have for makeup artist who explores a lot of colors. They are fairly inexpensive and they are loads of fun. If you own a Taiwanese shimmer stick, take it out, use it, play with it, and fall in love with it again like i did.


  1. Huh.... I've never used a shimmer stick-- I don't use anything but eyeliner really. Allll the same, I've wanted a shimmer stick for, like, ages, but never had the guts to buy one.

    Hearing you and all the other makeup-savvy gals out there praising them, though, makes me really want go through and buy a few. Haha.

  2. excuse me what's the name of this sticks??? and can you tell me where do you buy them? please