Female blogger dilemma - By Xiaxue

Who Agrees that Xiaxue is awesome? I honestly love her humor and sometimes i feel like her post picks on people, but i love how real she is about it. One of her latest blog I can really relate to. No matter who you are, how hard you try to please someone, they can always find other things to hate about you. We all fall under one of these categories one way or another, but isn't it an eye opener to realize how vicious us girls can be? I mean we can't help human nature, but we can attempt to realize our ways and try to change it.

If you are anonymous - you must be a fat ugly loser in real life.

If you show your identity and you look ugly - You should do plastic surgery.

If you show your identity and you already did plastic surgery - you are fake and disgusting.

If you are au-natural and pretty - you are still fake coz you put make-up, or must photoshop your pictures.

If you are pretty and don't put make up - it's because you don't know how. Also, you look boring and pale.

If you are pretty and put make up - you are superficial, insecure and shallow. Go save a whale.

If you get popular - you are a famewhore.

If you don't get popular - you are a nobody.

If you get popular and earn money from being popular - you are a sell-out.

If you get popular but don't earn money - you are stupid, and also, who you think you are, so bloody high and mighty?

If you are single and not dating - something's wrong with you.

If you are single and dating - you are a slut.

If you are attached - your boyfriend is either ugly or too good for you.

If you are married - you are a boring housewife.

If you are married with kids - why the fuck are you blogging when you should be looking after your kids? You are a shit mom.

If your partner is rich - you are a gold-digger.

If your partner is poor - you are a unrealistic romantic and if you break up with him for someone who works later on, you are a gold-digger.

If your partner is nice - Don't know what he sees in you.

If your partner is a jerk - You are a moron for dating him in the first place but you deserve no better anyway.

If you keep your life private - you have something to hide and you are a liar.

If you don't keep your life private and your life is sad - What a loser.

If you don't keep your life private and your life is fab - What a show off.

If you don't speak your mind - you are stupid, apathetic and unopinionated.

If you speak your mind - you are ignorant and talking about things you don't know about. You should shut up.

If you are fat - that's the only thing you are. That and disgusting.

If you are skinny - You must be anexoric or bulimic. Also you are making other women feel fat and thus spreading unhealthy weight ideals.

If you are of average weight - You are fat.

If you don't respond to haters - Means what they said must be true and you have nothing to say.

If you respond nicely to haters - They will just have more ammunition and hate you more.

If you respond rudely to haters - You cannot take criticism and you are a cyberbully.

Overall... You just can't win!!


  1. That's the sad reality. :( I think sometimes people are trying to put down other people so just they could feel better about themselves but the truth is no one's really going to benefit from ripping off the reputation of another person. Except lawyers of course when they start to file cases and such.. Tsk, tsk.

  2. The sad thing is people tend look at the worst in a person and forget or "neglect" the good in a person. We all know the truth is that no one is perfect, yet why do people still pick on other's flaws? Is it necessary? People will forever be stuck in this cycle. The positive and the negative coexists together.